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  1. This is your best bet. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b006qp2f
  2. I got banned from tonyx86 for mentioning 10.9. They don't mess about there.
  3. Jabbawok

    Original Mac Pro 1,1+Legacy 64 bit mode+DSDT fixes

    Thanks for this. I have a 1,1 can you post your dsdt.aml file for me to use? or will it differ from the one my machine needs? Also do you know if there is a way of setting the machine hardware uuid. It changes when I boot in 64 bit mode and I think this causes problems with messages logging in. Again thanks for this awesome work!
  4. Jabbawok

    JmicronATA.kext 10.6.2

    Fixed. Set to boot in 64 bit and used this JmicronATA.Kext and the 64 bit VoodooHDA. JMicronATA.kext_x86_x64.zip VoodooHDA_Pref_64b.zip
  5. I used JmicronATA.kext in my extras/extensions folder to get my IDE DVD-RW driver to work and 10.6.2 seems to have stopped this.. I've tried a few different versions of the kext and they either do not get the IDE working or cause a KP. Anyone have any ideas. Thanks. Asus P5B. all in AHCI mode.
  6. Jabbawok


    The only non vanilla kext iv got in /System/library/Extensions is the voodoo HDA 64 bit kext. I have a sata HDD with MACOS on it with the bios in AHCI mode and a PATA DVD-R drive. I installed by plugging a usb hdd into a mac running 10.5 and formatting it with GUID MACOS extended journaled. I then ran OSinstall.mkext off the 10.6 retail DVD i bought. when that had finished i used this http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=185823 to install the bootloader and Extras folder. I then booted off this USB HDD on the P5B hackintosh and repeated the process, partition the hdd and run osinstall.mkext of the 10.6 install dvd, then the pre- install Automator. After that I updated the Kexts and boot.plist in the Extras folder with the ones I posted. Finally I used kext helper to install the voodooHDA 64 bit kext. Oh i also have a applescript compled into an app that uses ifconfig to set the ethernet in promisc mode so bonjour works. Let me know if you need any more details.
  7. Jabbawok


    USB Functions = Enabled Legacy USB = Auto Port 64/60 = Disabled USB 2.0 Controller Mode = HiSpeed BIOS EHCI Handoff = Enabled Latest bios.
  8. Jabbawok


    Here is my extra folder for my p5b. I'm not having any problems. it's se to to boot 64 bit. Extra.zip
  9. Jabbawok

    ATI Radeon HD2600

    Only if the card has a big enough rom. My card is identical to the one Apple shiped for the Mac Pro aside from the TV-Out port but only has a 1/2 meg rom on it which isn't big enough for the apple rom. I dont know if a card with a mac rom would boot in a PC because they are designed for EFI not bios. Some time ago I was lucky enough to get a P.C. reference design Geforce 8800GT that had a 1MB rom on it and flashed that with the frimware that comes on the apple card and it has been working perfectly in my mk1 Mac Pro since.(with the apple PCI-E power lead) I did think you could "inject" the rom from a real apple card into the boot loader but im no expert on this bit. Ben..
  10. Jabbawok

    ATI Radeon HD2600

    So if i had bout an apple one of these for my Mac Pro i'd be left without QE and CE too then? It still narks me that I cant boot a 64bit kernel on it (being a 1st gen).
  11. Jabbawok

    ATI Radeon HD2600

    Im trying to clarify the issues with th ATI HD2xxx cards. I bought the HD2600 because it was a standard fit card in a Mac Pro, assuming that it would be more likley to workin my Hackintosh. and in 10.5 it was. NETKAS posted "install aty_init and remove atiradeonx2000.kext, to get res change" So i assume that means no QE or CE. Is there someithing wrong with the HD2xxxx drivers in 10.6 or are they simply unfinished? I understand they are missing some features required for open CL support. Would I Be best just swapping them (I have two) for an nvidia 8/9 series card if i can? Cheers.
  12. Is it perhaps the graphics card? I'm having issues with my ATI HD2600. as soon as i used an Nvidia card it was fine..
  13. Jabbawok

    45nm CPUs and SL

    AFAIK Chameleon sorts that automatically. or there is a flag you can use at boot to tell the kernel what FSB the CPU is.
  14. Cheers.. worked a treat on my Asus T3-P5G31-Q6600-GeForce 7300 GT all i had to do was put the 64 bit voodoo hda enabler on it and its flawless! In 10.5 I used a spare hdd I had laying about to install with this util' and my retail 10.6 DVD, then i botted off it and repeated the process on the SATA HDD that 10.5 was on. attached my DSDT and the HDA enabler I used. Cheers again! VoodooHDA_Pref.zip dsdt.aml.zip
  15. check the Hard drive controller mode in bios.