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  1. Hi Osx86 Community, for the last couple of months i was a happy Kalyway 10.5.2 user. I got it running on my AMD machine. But i need a new setup, becuase my old machine became just too slow for my needs. I will start to work on my bachelor thesis and i need CAD, Cinema4D plus Adobe applications. Furthermore I am using Pro Tools for my hobby music projects. So I need to upgrade to a powerful machine running my favourite osx well i will need a windows installation as well, for autocad. I did intensive research in this forum and found some very helpful information. It's amazing how much effort and passion some people put into this project. My hardware preferences are: CPU: Intel Quad 9550 Graphic: geforce 9800gt Ram: 8 gigs ddr2 pc800 hd: 2x500gis sata dvd: lg sata But I would appreciate some help for the mobo decission. It's important for me to have a stable and clean retail installation. I am having some issues with my old AMD and Kaly combo. So I am looking for a mainboard with an easy retail installation and a nice tutorial I did my homework and found the Asus P5Q and the Gigabyte EP45-DS3. For the Asus i prefer the detailed guide from RoberT_Xes Asus P5Q Retail For the Gigaybyte Board i like the tutorial from peach-os Gigabyte EP45-DS3 DAW So fist i want to say thank you to those guys for their great instructions for the retail install. But could anybody give me an advice which mobo I should get. In general the osx86 couminty seems to prefer the gigaybyte boards and they are also listed on the osxwiki and efix pages. but the installation on the asus p5q seems to be very easy with the instructions from RoberT_Xes. does anybody have experiences with both boards and can compare?? as i mentioned the stability and functionality of a retail installation is most important for me. thank you very much for your help. best wishes to all osx86 peoples out there.