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  1. I made it through the install of retail on my machine and make it through the intro video but my machine freezes after a few minutes. I can't figure out what is making it happen. I'm new to OSX so im not sure how or where i can check a log or something to tell me what is going on. My box is stable in ubuntu and vista. The only weird thing i've noticed is that my proc says its running at 3.8Ghz but it seems like other people have that same issue with no problems. Any idea's?
  2. I'm having a weird problem that I hope one of you guys can shed some light on. I seem to be unable to find the right string to search for to find an answer in the forums. I make it through the install fine and boot into OSX. Once i get to the screen where you can transfer files from an older mac the registration stuff crashes and starts over. ( Screens are something like, Pick Country -> Pick Keyboard Layout -> "Do you already own a mac?") Once I click continue the whole process starts over. I have made it through a successful install with iDeneb 1.3, JaS10.5.4, and iATKOS as well. They all do the same thing at the same place. I can't figure out what's going on. I have a P5Q with 4GB RAM and a 7600GT video card. SATA HD and SATA DVD-ROM. I'm using the modded 1611 BIOS by Juzzi, set to AHCI, disabled lan and marvell controller, setNVInject in installer plus MacPro SMBIOS, tried to repair permissions after the install and also tried to boot with -x after install finishes. I always get stuck on that "Do you already own a mac" screen. Anyone seen this before? My searches on google led me to some problems people had during update processes. I'm sooo close! Any help is appreciated!