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  1. Mavericks in VirtualBox

    Hi fantomas1, wow, worked Thanks alot for the hint! cheers, doabigcheese
  2. OS X Mavericks in VirtualBox

    Hi mcolinp, try to boot with -x flag (just type -x when you see the boot icon of the drive) bye
  3. Hi, I want to install Mavericks in a VirtualBox on my Win7 HP Elitebook 8460p. Actual it is installed, but when booting it just stops after "Missing Bluetooth Controller Transport" Have someone a Idea what to do, how to make it run? I don't want to install it natively, VM would be ok - I thought it would be easy, because the VirtualBox will provide the "Hardware" which is very well known from the Community... Is there perhaps a "VirutalBox package" or Installer? I don't want to take a install-ready VM from the known sites/download locations - I have a retail original (because I own a Mac too) Can someone help me out? thanks, doabigcheese
  4. Shuttle XS35GTV2...

    Hi There, have anyone luck installing osx86 on a Shuttle XS35GTV2 ? (Dual Core Atom, Nvidia ION 2...) It looks like a nice little powerfull machine... I am thinking of buying one ... So will everything work? (WLAN/Ethernet, Audio, Graphicacceleration)? Thanks for any hints. cheers, doabigcheese
  5. Hi there, any new ideas about QE/CI on the ION2 ? I think if someone made an successfull installation of the osx86 with QE/CI I will buy this baby - specification looks really good for a new HTPC/Server Can't wait until it is realeased!! cheers, doabigcheese
  6. NVIDIA 9 Series Driver Installer v2

    HI, thanks for this... but now i'm stuck I get a black screen and output does not work, too (on VGA output)... With the steps in the tutorial, did you mean just the installation guide for nvinjectgo? so i don't have to change some hex values somewhere or anything different? I think i must have missed a step or two update: I didn't check the hdmi output... so now: hdmi (works), vga (black), internal lcd (black) - but no CI/QE up to now update2: hm... it was working 1 boot time... then i changed resolution on vga screen and now i can't manage to get a picture anymore - it is blue... with vnc i can connect and see the desktop with a resolution the monitor can handle.... damn...
  7. NVIDIA 9 Series Driver Installer v2

    HI there, i read now the whole thread and saw that 4 people asking if it will work with geforce 9300m gs... I have this graphics card on my on and want to ask, if someone of that 4 people have managed to get it to work now... for me, i have no clue up to now how it will work - don*t know how to determine the right hex file... where do they come from? can i read out my own? i am realy new to this stuff and all the NVCAP, NVInject ... threads/problems pointing me in different directions... I Have installed retail version on my vaio z21, i know, internal display will not work (it does up to now, but without accereration and resolution change... so the simple question: how many things do i have to do to make this running? install this driver v2... and then? can you give me a hint? would be really nice... I read realy much threads now, but have no clear view of the problem i think thanks in advance, doabigcheese
  8. Hi, tried to install retail DVD on sony vaio z21wn... first, was no problem, it was running (without ethernet, audio, keyboard) I use a usb keyboard which works and it is installed on a external usb drive... I tried following your guide here but then something have destroyed something What was different to your guide: as trying to mark the EFI partition as active, it says it needs exclusivly write access, and do this after reboot... since then... "still waiting for root device" What to do now? I am not able to boot anymore into the macOS... can i recover from this situation? (no .kext installed up to now)... cheers, bigcheese ok - update: reinstalled everything - without marking partition as active - on my vaio i can boot from it... but it always says "Package 0 didn't get an HPET"... even with -f or -x after a while the wheel with the stripes rotates in 7 sec one tick further and nothing more happens... update2: taking the idea from Mammoth (copying the .kext files of initrd.img from the bootcd) - now i am able to boot in osx from harddisk... perhaps munky should mentioned this in the 1st entry of the thread, because it was the same on my machine? - or have we missed something ? now going further with .kext ...
  9. Sony VAIO Z

    HI, i own a sony vaio vgn-z21wn and just wondering if it would work, too if you have any success, please tell me :mellow: cheers, doabigcheese