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  1. is it possible to tone down the default desktop theme in OS X Lion in the way you can lower the graphical quality in Windows and gain performance? I notice my machine is not running as fast as it otherwise does and want to get some parity between OS X and Windows if possible.
  2. sorry i am a noob, could you explain what i do with the iBOOT_SetupToolBeta.2.exe program. it looks as if it patches a usb with a bootsector, but which one? i can't patch the usb with OS X because it is a HFS+ filesystem, unless i have totally misunderstood something. sorry but as i say this is new to me.
  3. thanks for responding i don't already have a Mac OSX computer though, I have created the iAtkos USB in Windows 7 using Transmac. Sorry but could you explain a bit more, I am confused about how I should use the netbookinstaller from this link (http://www.osx86.net...on_netbook.html) if i don't already have a Mac OSX computer
  4. what i'm doing: trying to install any version of OSX on my HP Mini 110-3100. already tried iDeneb 1.3, now trying iAtkos S3 v2. what i've tried: i have got a 1gb usb drive on which i have copied the NBI_084RC1.img using Win32DiskImager i have got a 16gb usb drive on which i have copied iAtkos S3 v2 using Transmac 10.1 (15-day trial version) i boot the netbook off the 1gb drive, it goes to a screen with that says 'unable to patch 64-bit kernel. Please use arch=i386 to use a 10.6.2 or newer kernel. can't find mach_kernel' from there i hold down ctrl+alt and it goes to a screen with a picture of a hard drive with the label 'iAtkos S3 v2' from there i press enter, then it goes a similar screen except here it says 'Memory allocation error (0x103e52b0, 0x73fc397f)' [the numbers always seem to be the same] i made a 30-second video of what is happening. https://vimeo.com/38034159 after i made this, i also tried pressing F8 before boot, then typing 'cpus=1 arch=i386', this seemed to make no difference, it still went to the same 'Memory allocation error' screen. what am i doing wrong, because i have heard a few success stories with the HP Mini 110, so i guess it must be possible?
  5. i have a 16gb flash usb, a hp mini 110, no external dvd/cd drive. i'm able to use Windows 7 to create a bootable OSX USB with.i have already checked and i can't virtualize OSX because i can't use hw virtualization. what i have already tried: using ddmac to create a usb from iDeneb 1.3. what happened: didn't work, because it looks as if ddmac does not play with Windows 7. is it possible to create a bootable OSX USB with what i have, bearing in mind i have no external dvd drive? any up-to-date guides that would work with Win7 are welcome. ---- sorted this now, but immediately encountered a new problem > http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=276828
  6. wrsg

    Dell D420 Bible

    I have installed Kalyway 10.5.2 on my D420 and after installing and rebooting, it comes to a grey screen with the black Apple logo, and with a progress icon, but then it goes to a blue screen and then the screen goes black. Why is this? EDIT: solved this, but i have more problems now, no USB flash drives is the biggest problem. anyone know how to get USB drives working? EDIT 2: USB problem solved by using the modbin kernel.
  7. I got it working tonight couple of caveats, don't select a network driver otherwise it {censored}s around for ages and doesn't tell you its doing {censored} all in the background. also, when you've finally answered the configuration questions about the keyboard and set up a user for yourself, REMOVE THE DVD from the external drive, and then restart. it asked me to restart *again* (i.e. 2 restarts in a row) when i did that, then the next time it booted into the mac desktop! YAY! if anyone wants elaboration on anything, i'll check back every few days.
  8. I have had NO luck at all in getting any of the various Leopard distros to work, I have tried nearly all of them, Jas 10.5.4, XXX 10.5.6, the Retail 10.5.6 and others. I am sure my laptop (Asus X51RL) is the problem as i have read of many other people having success. Would it be worth having a look at Tiger to see if its more compatible? Or is it going to be the same as Leopard? Also if i want to buy a Intel-based laptop, what do you recommend? I am looking at the Dell D420, it seems to have pretty standard-ish hardware... what are your thoughts?
  9. after i have got to the Darin prompt and booted off the DVD, it spins for a while, then gives the error EBIOS read error: Controller or device error Block 16432738 Sectors 64 What might be causing it? I am on a Asus Dual Core Intel laptop, i'm guessing its a problem with the motherboard??
  10. I am new to the world of Mac (usually a WinXP user), so please be patient with me I downloaded the 10.5.4 Retail 9E25 dmg file (about 7GB), i burned it using PowerISO 4, it seems to have burned correctly, when i boot off the dual layer DVD, it looks like its doing something then falls back to the usual WinXP boot sequence. I am guessing OSX is detecting that my laptop is not Apple hardware, so is refusing to co-operate? I have been reading a bit on this forum, and someone please tell me if i am correct in thinking i can patch the dmg file to work on my X86 laptop (using something called PPF5)? is this correct? i don't look forward to downloading another 7GB file! i think i could just rip the image back out to my hard drive, then patch it, then burn it again. someone who knows, please give me some help!