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  1. Sure, the new interface is gorgeus.. A real eye candy, but who needs that for real work? Especially when that doesn't enhance productivity at all. Am I the only one having a hard time trying to figure out where all the old, so familiar functions, have gone in both Mac Office 2008 (Beta) and Office 2007 for the PC? I thought they'd been rearranged to be easier to find for newbies, but I had to reconsider this thought since my mother doubled her yelling for "Where is function X, son??" lately... Well, maybe it's just the way we learned using typewriting software, maybe the youngsters will really find this software well structured. My major concern about this (Beta) version of Office 2008 for the Mac is actually the lack of a new version of Messenger for Mac! I specifically decided to give this Beta a try because I was hoping for something at least similar to Windows Live Messenger for the PC, and all I get is the old crappy 6.0.3 version! I'm slowly convincing friends and relatives to "Get a Mac", but I still have dozens of friends who, using Windows Live Messenger, spend their time complaining with me about my poor transfer speeds, my missing support for animoticons or handwriting, video and audio... That's kind of frustrating, you know... Wasn't a new version supposed to be in the works and scheduled for release with Office 2008? Where's that in this Office Beta? But maybe I just dreamt about this. We should all remember, finally, that since MS software is always in what I call a "slightly more than Beta" stage, their Beta software should be therefore considered as "slightly more than Alpha". Stability and performance issues are just normal and will be ironed out in a later development stage... Eventually... Maybe...
  2. Darsil

    [How to] Fully working - Beta9 SSE2

    If you get to the GRUB prompt (hitting ESC at the GRUB menu) you can try this: 1. root (hdX,Y) Where X is the disk number, starting from 0, and Y is the partition you want to boot, starting from 0 1bis. Just in case the previous command gives problems, you can use "rootnoverify (hdX,Y)" as a replacement 2. chainloader +1 3. boot
  3. Darsil

    Software Piracy

    Why should one feel guilty when he "pirates" his own OEM copy of Windows XP to run it on his new shiny Macbook? As long as I know each OEM copy of Windows is legally bound to the system you bought it with, but why suold one pay for the same thing over and over again just because he decided to change the hardware it runs on? Think of the difference in pricing between the various versions of Windows or Microsoft Office. Isn't that plain stolen money, considering that probably no real "different versions" exist until the developement process is almost over? Don't you feel you have the RIGHT to obtain the latest version of a particular software without paying for it, expecially when the only differences are bug corrections? Why should one pay an extra to have an error free app? If I buy something I expect it to work just as it is advertised to and in the majority of cases I know I can return it and have it changed with something functional if it isn't working out of the box. With software you often have to pay if you want buggy software to become functional... Doesn't it make you feel robbed of your money?
  4. Darsil

    IOPCCardBridge Start Failed

    In the end I decided to try and downgrade the BIOS to the oldest I could find on HP support site, but that didn't help. Anyway I found something very interesting while searching the net: people trying to install FreeBSD on their HP/Compaq laptop are having various issues with the non-standard keyboard and ACPI. It appears that those blue lights above the one-touch buttons (for Pavilion models like mine) are messing around with ACPI in some way and if you want to make FreeBSD boot you have to specify some kernel options like hint.atkbd.0.flags="0xsomenumber" or hint.atkbd.0.disabled="1". This kind of parameters does something on OSx86, too, so I'm going to download FreeBSD to see if I can figure out a way to make it boot, then I will try the same thing on OSx86.
  5. Darsil

    IOPCCardBridge Start Failed

    When I bought my laptop it worked fine with both the standby and suspend modes in Windows. Then, one day, standby stopped working: the PC never wakes up completely and the screen remains black, there is no response to keyboard commands etc. The only solution I haven't tried for this problem is downgrading the BIOS, but if this has something to do with the wrong implementation of ACPI, it could be possible that downgrading the BIOS to earlier versions than the one we're running could help solve the problem and this might also make it possible to natively boot OSx86 if my theory on ACPI is correct. That's the only solution I haven't tried, like I said, because I'm very afraid of doing such a dangerous thing: this once screwed my HDD password system and made me lose all my data since I had to replace the disk. Since I don't want to risk that again without a very good reason I wanted to ask you all one question: has anyone of you had the same problem under Windows or Linux? Suspend to disk is working fine while suspend to RAM (Standby) makes the PC go into a comatose state.
  6. Darsil

    IOPCCardBridge Start Failed

    The newer versions of OS X don't have the "AppleI386PCI" and "AppleI386GenericPlatform" kexts, maybe the kernel is built to use only ACPI for hardware recognition/handling/whatever. One of the differences I noticed between the platform=ACPI and platform=X86PC modes (using vmware) is that the "Device tree" you see when a boot medium is found is somewhat different. My interpretation is that the main problem with a bad ACPI implementation would be that the system could be unable to correctly identify some hordware components, resulting in our laptops hanging in search of the HDD (like mine seems to do) or not being able to correctly initialize the famous PCCardBridge. It would be really nice if we could fix these problems with ACPI, rather than try to hack the kernel to make it run in a way it is (maybe) no more designed to do.
  7. Darsil

    Error IOPCCardBridge: star failed

    Same problem here, the 10.4.1 install DVD worked fine, but only with the platform=X86PC boot flag. Starting with 10.4.3 I can only boot in VMware because when I boot native the PC just hangs with the HDD light on.
  8. Darsil

    OSX Intel Tiger 10.4.3 8f1111a on Sony Vaio PCG-K315 Notebook

    Hi! Could you please tell me what driver is your system using for HDD access? I have the same ALi 5229 IDE Controller, but after the initial booting process OS X doesn't seem to find the disk and the HDD light stays on forever, with the PC absolutely frozen...
  9. Darsil

    IOPCCardBridge Start Failed

    I already did a native installation with VMware and managed to configure dual boot by editing the boot.ini file in Windows XP, but nothing changes compared to what you get (actually you DON'T GET...) with the installation DVD alone. The only thing I managed to do is having OS X to try and use the AppleIntelPIIXATA driver and it says that both my IDE channels are disabled. I probably need to recompile the driver, use another one, or something else..
  10. Darsil

    IOPCCardBridge Start Failed

    Please take a look at this thread... http://forum.osx86project.org/index.php?showtopic=8752 This guy seems to have a notebook that is very similar to our systems, I can't understand why he can boot fine in 10.4.3 while we cannot. What do you think is making the difference?
  11. Darsil

    IOPCCardBridge Start Failed

    I started to work on this issue on the now-closed win2osx forum, and after a long testing process we came to the conclusion that the IOPCCardBridge problem is NOT the one causing our laptops not to boot. It is probably a problem with the hard disk controller, at least for me with my pavilion ze5507ea, since after displaying that IOPCCardBridge line my systems just sits there with its HDD LED constantly on and it does exactly the same if you delete the IOPCCard kext (don't remember its exact name). I noticed that some guys recently managed to hack the AppleServerWorksATA.kext to work with the ATI x200 Southbridge, since the two chipsets are really similar. Back in the days of the win2osx forum, I read on some driver site that Win98 classified the ALi disk controller as an Intel ICH-something, so I wonder if it is possible to do a similar patching to the AppleIntelICHATA.kext (or AppleOnboardPCATA, or whatever...) to make it work with the ALi controller. They shouldn't operate too differently, after all.