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  1. Rhapsody DR2

    Thank you!!! this server is awesome!! It has so much stuff that I hve been after for a long time now I recommend the link that STLVNUB posted, everything I have is available there to download.
  2. Rhapsody DR2

    Oh yes, please! I'm interested in the copland and the Rhapsody dr2's and bluebox that you have. I used to have them but I lost them when the drive they were stored on died I have NeXTSTEP 3.3 (intel), OS X DP1 through 4, OS X Server 1.2, OS X Server 1.2 developer cd and Yellowbox for windowx DR1 and DR2 if anybody's interested
  3. Rhapsody DR2

    Hey guys. Sorry for bumping up an old post. I was looking for Rhapsody and I found this page via google. I saw earlier on in this topic that somebody had a copy of Copland. I had no idea that apple even got to a point where a usable version of Copland was released (or leaked?) I was wondering if somebody could send me a copy of Copland and Rhapsody (X86), or link me to where they're downloadable from. I'm also trying to find a copy of OS X Server 1.2 so I can put my old G4 to good use. Thanks