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    iPC 10.5.6 Work on Alive-NF6G-DVI

    FANTASTIC!! I've got the same board + 8600gt + X2 6000 I tried downloading a 10.5.6 distro but it didn't work :S, I thought it might be the DSDT table issues and all that, but obviously not. I was running Leo4Allv4.1 (10.5.4) for a long time until something went wrong with NVKush.kext. Tried to replace it with MacDrive (worked before) only to find the filesystem was corrupt. I havn't been able to install on the disk since Anyway knowing the stops apple put in 10.5.6 won't stop me, I'm gunna try an install of Snow Leopard. I'll be back with results.
  2. webmessia

    Unofficial - Nvidia 8600GTS thread

    I have an ASUS EN8600GT Silent with 512MB DDR3. I've tried a lot of packages. injectors and EFI strings. So far I've managed to get resolution changing but no CI/QE. Anyone had any luck with this card? And if so what version of OSX/What distro are you running. Also what packages did you use to get it working? My other specs are: Asrock ALIVE NF6G-DVI Motherboard AMD Athlon X2 6000+ @3GHz 2 x 1GB DDR800 2 x 80GB SATAII HDDs If anyone had this exact card or an 8600GT could you please lend me a hand on getting it working. Also as far as I'm aware a GTS is a overclocked GT using the same core so any details from people with a GTS would help too.
  3. webmessia

    Snow Leopard Distros

    Hmmm. Vanilla install seems like a interesting idea, but I'm on AMD. Anybody managed to do a Vanilla install on an AMD processor? A Distro would be good though. Especially considering there usually a lot smaller to download and have all the hacks out of the box. Another thing. Has anyone managed to get 64bit working on Intel or AMD?
  4. It connects through the nForce430 bus on my motherboard, instead of through a PCI or PCI-e interface. Probably the main reason no drivers have allowed for it. I really wish I could learn a bit more about how the board works so to get closer to making a working driver.
  5. Hmm. After the kext's Time Machine works. But then my system doesn't load again on boot. It simply reaches that damn blinking cursor. It was an unclean shut down so that was probably the problem.
  6. webmessia

    [WORKING]SiS900 Ethernet Driver

    Brilliant!! After loads of struggling with my onboard 8111b lan chipset, This is miraculous. Thanks again. I can finally use my Hackintosh.
  7. webmessia

    unknown SIGSEGV code 0

    For me this error is coming up before the installer loads, so I can't just select the AMD patch. Is their a way to patch the ISO so it supports AMD by default? Or is their anyway to bypass this through the single user mode?
  8. webmessia

    Zephiroth Mac OS X 10.5.1 AMD Install Guide

    Hey. I've currently got further than i expected in the OS X Install. I've got right up to "Do you already Own a Mac?" Two issues: 1. Having moved the PS2 driver folder, my PS2 keyboard works, but not my PS2 mouse. 2. Even though I've navigated through the first few questions with my keyboard, I get up to Do you already own a Mac? I choose Do not transfer my information now and Continue. The screen goes grey, waits for about a minute and then goes back to the first screen.
  9. I had this issue when installing on my desktop. All I had to do was unplug my SATA drives and Power Off Completely for about 10 seconds.