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  1. Orinico USB 3.0 card

    Uhhh sorry, my fauit. It's called Jettison see here : http://www.stclairsoft.com/Jettison/index.html
  2. Orinico USB 3.0 card

    I bought the ORICO PFU3-2P . It's working in a real MacPro 2010 very well. No need for connecting the Molex . Got the same issue ".. improperly ejected" . Using "Jeticon" (from AppStore) you get rid of that message easily, btw: there is no wake from sleep if you connect something to one of the ports during sleep. This works only with onboard ports.
  3. GTX 285 only 1/2 the speed of GTX 260 in Cinebench

    it's the same here. XFX 285 only 15fps in CB 11.5 on 10.6.4. Very disappointing GFX update without any advantage ! What brand of GTX 285 do u have ? Until today no one confirmed that a EVGA GTX285 on "real" MacPro perfomance is ok. Someome ?
  4. Hi, I am using the same board (DX58SO) and I am running 10.6.2. Would you mind and attach your LegacyHDA here or upload elsewhere because I am still on VoodooHDA with issues ? Thanks