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  1. or give OpenCore a try, no Aptio....
  2. why didn't you upgrade WEG to 134 ?
  3. texem


    Version 1.0.0


  4. IGPU is off, no need for aperture raising afaik !?
  5. hi again, thanks for the info abt new BIOS. Just flashed it and made the settings I had before with F10. Well, z390pro here works as usual. Sleep etc w/o issues etc etc. DSDT is the MalD0n patched native NVRAM release.
  6. Yeah, that's what I did first of all. Removed everything but dart=0 . The opposite , running the older EFI with Caty perfectly runs w/o issues. Maybe the latest Caty betas are different here I recommend not to replace the EFI in your guide currently until it's clear what's wrong here.
  7. Did a quick check and replaced SN,UUID and MLB for iCloud etc. No success on my z390 with i7-8700k and RX560 booting Mojave with this EFI Black Screen. Removed all extra boot args but still black screen as soon as OS screen drivers getting active . System is alive and can login for doing (a blind) shutdown.
  8. Version 1.1.2


    OpenCore 0.5.2 EFI for Gigabyte z390pro . Do not use as is : You need to enter your serials and UUID (take them from RT variables in Clover Configurator f.i.) Check monitor resolution. Test via USB stick recommended !!
  9. Hi @all, cloned my NVME and updated to Cathy w/o any problems. Cool. Still on Mojave, was just a succesfull test. Cheers
  10. same card here, works perfect. Hint: do not operate your hack in very low distance to your router/access point - it involves bluetooth and you might get mouse lagging I enabled Wifi but not logged in WLAN, just for Airdrop operating.
  11. Take a look for "MaciASL" ACPI Table Decompiler/Compiler. The author of VirtualSMC wrote he wants to be most compatible to original Hardware with completely new written code and has no plans to integrate more sensors like f.i. FSMC with plugins does. This is why our "iMacPro" only has 2 fans in iStat . No idea why Hwmonitor is able to show us all 5 possible fans and btw: there are forks for FSMC and some development still exist. u9t435543 This wAFAIdderwe tretrertetgdfgdfgfdtretreterretreter4
  12. Dump your DSDT with Clover "F4" and look into your EFI/Clover/ACPI/origin folder. Decompile SSDT-5.aml -> FAN devices.
  13. Ah .. thanks. In this case just disable the Powermanagement because all 3 options are disabled .. btw: just updated above with Q regarding "OperationRegions" . Wondering if @MaLd0n can help
  14. How are your ASMP settings below and .. is there any need for enabling PWR mgmnt at all ? IMHO it's handled by OS And one other point that possibly can be enlightened by @MaLd0n In your patched DSDT there is a different definition for GNVS ( thats for native NVRAM) OperationRegion (GNVS, SystemMemory, 0x3E4BE000, 0x0866) origin DSDT: OperationRegion (GNVS, SystemMemory, 0x3E4C1000, 0x0866) The address changes if you have other settings in BIOS and/or other hardware setup. Now, is this handled by Clover "Regions" patch or should we pay attention to this ?