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  1. Ok I figured out the audio, I think I may have forgot to use this: kext-dev-mode=1 argument during the boot in clover. Everything seems to be working now except for the USB 2.0 ports
  2. I've upgraded to yosemite with clover but can't seem to get the sound working. I've tried toleda's new v3 alc898 patches https://github.com/toleda/audio_RealtekALC ...still no go. But other than the audio and the usb ports being finicky, it's pretty stable
  3. badg2k

    Apple fixed it!

    I dont think apple does anything officially anymore. Good luck with the heat issue; I hope it doesnt come back as "unable to reproduce, within specs"
  4. badg2k

    Should i get a mac?

    There was excessive heat, and the noise is not from performance like it would be from a Lotus. Whenever the processor works harder it gets softer. This is bad engineering, and they shouldnt have released the product this early. Apple should fix the early mbp's and stop denying the problems by reducing the tolerance on specifications.
  5. badg2k

    Should i get a mac?

    Dont get a mac. My experiences with there tech support and relations have been horrible. My machine is a week 10 MBP and has the most annoying whining sound. Had it repaired once. They replaced teh inverter. machine came back and teh sound was still there. Sent it in a second time, and this they said the machine was within spec. Came back, still had the most annoying sound. I am getting the run around about logic boards and normal specifications, and was spoken very rudely to. They seem to be adamantly denying any reports of logic board revisions. I call them last week, and both levels of tech support said it was most likely due to a logic board issue, but today, every single technician or specialist I've talked to is heavily denying logic board problems. I feel the 5/20 day did more trouble than help. I don't know what to do anymore. I'm sending it in a third time, hopefully there spiffy little sound detectors can indicate there is a noise issue. "within specs"-- Whoever coined the phrase deserves to be shot. Any sound which gives me a headache should not be within specs.
  6. badg2k

    Double Clicking on a MBP

    It definitely rocks, but like {censored}-x says there is no reference anywhere about the ability to assign each side to a different function
  7. Hey is it true that the power brick for the macbook is smaller than the one for the macbook pro? I was looking at pictures and it would appear that way.
  8. I read on Tuaw.com that the new macbooks can right click with two fingers, and someone pointed out that the new mouse tracks on intel macs were significicantly wider also. Well if you play around with your mbp, i noticed that there seems to be two buttons underneath the single wide button on both the left and right side. The middle of the bar seems to act as a fulcrum like in a seesaw. I wonder if in leapord they are going to unveil that this single mouse button is in fact two buttons which can be used in windows. Oh and I called applecare yesterday. Worst hour of my life, but one thing seems to be clear, they recognize the heat and "whirry" sound as not within spec. They said it was due to the logic board. Well I guess the rumors were true about the logic board revisions. I'm going to be DHL'ing mine mbp out later today.
  9. I don't know if my memory is failing me, but wasn't it mentioned in an earlier topic that apple was supposed to release a public statement about the macbook heat issue this week?
  10. Hi how were you able to get them to exchange your logic board in the first place? I just want to make sure I say the right things so they'll do it on the spot instead of shipping it to Texas and making me wait for an entire week.
  11. But even with the change in name shouldn't I be able to even hold it to move it from one desk to another like a "notebook" if you want to play the specific name game. I almost dropped mine because of the heat. And apple will not fix your whine. I tried to take it to the apple store in SoHo and they denied everything. Calling apple tech does bother tech support and apple, but it also makes this problem a priority for them. Maybe they'll put more man power into this issue instead of some other project. They are aware of the problem, but they are not aware of the immediacy and severity of the issue.
  12. So it seems this thermal paste situation has caught the eye of apple's legal department: http://www.tuaw.com/2006/05/04/macbook-pro...oblem-heats-up/ Man, and I was planning to fix up the heat problem after all my college finals. I guess I need to search and download as much information as I can before apple destroys everything. So I think the 20th needs to be a stop the Heat day also. lol get it... heat (from apple)?
  13. I was reading the discussion again, and it seems as though the people believe that the temperature information is retreived from the processor rather than the sensors on the heat pipe. Therefore the temperature won't be incorrect because of the thermal paste
  14. If you check the support forum on Apples macbook section: http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?t...466466&tstart=0 , people are reading a lower internal idling temperature from the sensors with the redone thermal paste. Well since both the external and internal temperatures are much lower with the new amount of thermal paste, there seems that there is no reason that apple doesn't fix this problem since all evidence points to the fact that an the paste was incorrectly applied. I dont want to do it myself since I'm afraid I'll void the warranty.
  15. badg2k

    Apple's Multi touch

    Bill Gates came to Columbia University earlier this school year, maybe at the end of 05. He demontrated something like this that microsoft is developing. But instead of touch it uses a camera. He demontrated by bring his cell phone next to the computer (this logged him in). Then he was able to just move his hands around and control things like this, and even put a normal business card under the camera and it automatically inputted into his address book. But a multi touch is neater since you can see the screen directly under your fingers whereas microsofts you have to look at another screen. oh found the link: http://www.microsoft.com/winme/0510/25715/...college_mbr.asx