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  1. 3 more x86 apps

    I just download the source from sf.net via CVS and compiled under the instruction.It works but there seems to be some unknown problem with my USB communication.
  2. iTerm, a full featured terminal emulation program written for OS X using Cocoa,aiming at providing users with best command line experience under OS X is now compiled as universal binary. download link: http://kmric.com/downloads/iTerm081Universal.zip all other x86/universal mac apps http://kmric.com/post/92.html
  3. PsyncX backup your files.actually can be used as a disk cloner http://kmric.com/downloads/PsyncXrelease.zip Free Finger Scroll (FFScroll) http://kmric.com/downloads/FFScrollrelease.zip macam support many video cameras http://kmric.com/downloads/macam_release.zip
  4. Release 1 - No keyboard found

    you can use ApplePS2Keyboard.kext from Darwin 7.01 x86,it works.but strangly it fails sometimes.then I have to reboot
  5. Cmedia 8738

    Can not download CMI driver I'd like to mirror both drivers and source for you at kmric.com would you send me a copy? my email : kmnesp@163.com/nespric@gmail.com
  6. check it out!(in Chinese and English) http://kmric.com/post/80.html and.... one more about booting failure If you failed to boot from native installation using deadmoo's VM image,try to boot with -v arg to check it out.there are certain kernel extension causes system stalling for module,write them down and delete them(use VMWare) .x86 Tiger will boot and work fine!
  7. OS X won't boot

    your mouse and keyboard doesn't work,patch it with ApplePS2Mouse.kext and keyboaerd's kext.ti will work,but fails sometimes.