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  1. Something is wrong with Safari, Firefox, etc...

    oh please help me T_T today it didn't let me google cause it was redirecting google.com too >.< daaaamm! help plz!
  2. Hi there! I hope I'm placing this in the right place. Whenever I enter to a domain that does not exist, I'm somehow redirected to a page to buy a domain... This is like a wild card parked domain xP. Happens on Safari and Firefox - didn't try other browsers. So I'm guessing some script I ran lately made this, changed a system file, you know, as self advertising. A picture is worth a thousand words: Any way to remove this? This is also a good chance to learn more of my loved OS X ^^ I'm a big Apple fan, but just a few months ago I was able to buy a Mac for the first time! (hell they are expensive in this country! It's like you in there paid $11500 dollars for a MacBook Pro >.< you gotta love Apple, heh! yes, it took lot of work to get it xD) Thanks! =)