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  1. weaksauce12, I'm really glad to hear from you. Moreover, I'm more glad to hear that you still working on the guide for 10.6.x on P35-DS3L.
  2. Has anyone successfully update to 10.5.8 with the system using Boot-132 method? If yes, please share your steps to update to 10.5.8.
  3. I'm using all 4 SATA ports. 1 is for DVD, and 3 of them are for HDDs (2 of them is Mac format, another one is NTFS format).
  4. Good point!!! I would like to know that too. I searched for boot command -f, but found nothing.
  5. Working great!! Installed Delta 10.5.7 with -f and it booted twice. After that just installed sound patch. Everything is working fine now.
  6. I used boot 132 method with retail 10.5.6, and I can boot without the boot cd. You're saying that I don't have to use combo update? Just install the delta and restart with -f? After installing the update, do I need to use uinstaller to apply ds3l package again?
  7. I have 10.5.6 on my machine installed by using Boot-132 method. In order to get 10.5.7 running, I have to do these steps. (please correct me if I'm wrong) 1. After I get the 10.5.7 combo update file, install it. It will reboot twice. 2. Manually shut down computer. 3. Put BootCD in and type 80. And now you're done.
  8. boot132 allow you to install retail leopard, while another method is not.
  9. Weaksauce12 I just finish installing 10.5.6 on my p35-ds3l. However there is one problem I can't solve. I have 2 more SATA hard disks I need to connect with pc. Once I connect and turn on computer, it stops at the white background page (the one with apple icon in the middle), and there is a stop icon over the apple icon. How can I connect other SATA hard disks? Do I need to change anything in bios? Edit: I'm confuse. Now that error is gone. I can boot OSX. However, those 2 disks don't show up in OSX. I check by opening disk utility, but they are not there. Do you know how to fix this?
  10. weaksauce12 I finally end up with Encore NIC card. There is no problem so far (on XP). Once I got the exchange RAM from A-Data, I will start installing 10.5.6. (Or maybe not if I can't wait for the new one) Now I'm using only one stick with 2GB Ram.
  11. WOW!!! Finally it has been released. I can't wait for the next weekend to install it. I will give you feedback after that.
  12. weaksauce12, Thank you so much for your information. If I have to buy one, it is definitely either one of them. And I will surely let you know. PS. How is your updated guide? Are we going to have great news soon?
  13. weaksauce12, Is there any USB Wireless that fully compatible with 10.5.6 available at NewEgg? I might have to buy one. Do you have any recommendation? PS. Sorry that I have not check every page in this topic for detail.
  14. According to your post earlier, "is it a MUST to prepare a self-booting (Retail) Leopard DVD Installer (boot-132 + retail leopard dvd installer into 1) OR i can use my retail DVD with boot132 cd with swaping them?" Which method did you use?
  15. Wow!! great...Looking forward to see your new guide.