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  1. gravol

    Nvidia 7300 go 128 mb

    This works for me.. /O http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...p;#entry1074805
  2. gravol

    GeForce Go7400 drivers for 10.5.6

    Thanx I'll try that. I have HW acceleration with NVDarwin but its not that great, especially on gradients. /O
  3. Is your harddisk partitioned in GUID or MBR? Retail OsX can only be installed on GUID partitions without modifying the disc. /O
  4. Ok, i added another IOATAFamily kext to my Boot132 and it boots the Leopard Retail 10.5.6 after the swap. It also starts the install which is a great step forward. The problem is that it's not going through the whole process since it stops with an error which might be just a badly burnt disc, will check that. One weird thing is that when i do the same process with a 10.5.4 Retail disc there is a major difference after the swap and entered rd(0,1)/mach_kernel.modbin -legacy -v boot-uuid=(my uuid) The disc starts to load a bunch of drivers and files that the 10.5.6 never did. It's at least a couple of minutes process with doing this before it proceeds and kicks me into the installer. What might the difference be between the discs?? Trying to finish the 5.4 install right now, will return with results:p EDIT: Ok the 10.5.4 Retail worked great Installed Chameleon and kexts afterwards and it runs way better than anything i've tried on this computer. Still i cant figure out the problem and difference to the 10.5.6 disc.. Any ideas?? /O
  5. Hi I have the same problem. Did you ever get a solution/explanation to this? Link to my post: www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=152193 Thanx.. /O
  6. Hi Yes I do it in this correct order as you wrote it. Just badly explained by me, will edit it. Thanx
  7. Hi I've been trying this out but can't get through the install. The same thing happens everytime: I boot with the 132 disc and let it load then i swap to a Retail 10.5.6 dvd (which i know works since i installed it on my laptop) press f8 and enter the text for the drive and modbin kernel. "rd(0,1)/mach_kernel.modbin -legacy -v rd=disk1s3" It runs a bunch of textlines as usual and then loads the installer, i get to choose installation disk and configure options and then when i press install it spins for about 30 secs and then this message appears: "Mac OS X could not be installed on this computer The installer could not install the software because there was no software found to install" Haha great! I searched the forum and looked through at least 20 threads where people have problems with this message but nothing. The only answers that anyone bothered to post is like: Hey check your disc, download a new one, burn at slowest speed bla bla bla.. So really nothing useful.. What am i missing here? In my boot cd i have the following kexts + modbin kernel. ACPIPS2Nub.kext AppleHDA.kext ApplePS2Controller.kext AppleYukon.kext dsmos.kext HDAEnabler.kext IntelCPUPMDisabler.kext IOATAFamily.kext NVdarwin.kext SiliconImage3132.kext SMBIOSEnabler.kext Specs in my sig, it's the homebrew one with brand new SATA disk in GUID mode. The Dvd reader obviously works with the loaded kexts or else i would not get into the installer i guess? Any ideas??? Thanx/O
  8. Easiest way to get it working:) Thanx.. /O
  9. Hi I did a fresh install on my HP dv6000 using the Retail 10.5.6 dvd and Boot132 to get it running, then installed my kexts and Chameleon Bootloader. Everything works great but there is one thing that bugs me. After exactly 20 minutes of inactivity (yes exactly 20 every time) the processor activity goes up to around 50% without any new processes showing up in the Activity monitor. I've had both the Xnu speedstep and the VoodooPower installed for cpu throttling. They both jump to max freq (1600MHz) when this occurs. I would not really care about such a small thing but since it's on a laptop the cpu fan kicks in right away at full speed. As soon as i hit a key or move the mouse the cpu load goes straight down and it also throttles down to idle at 800MHz. This also happens without any of the speedstep kexts loaded, then the processor runs at full frequency of course but after 20 min it's the same story and it kicks the load to around 50% which gets the fans going. I never had these problems before on other kernels like sleepkernel, speedstepkernel, modbin or vanilla 922. So is this related to the Vanilla 9.6.0?? Any ideas welcome.. Thanxx /O
  10. gravol

    HP Dv6000 & Dv9000 Intel Only

    Here it is. I think they are specific for ram sizes. This is for 128Mb ram. /O NVdarwin.kext.zip
  11. gravol

    HP Dv6000 & Dv9000 Intel Only

    Hi Yes i have hardware acceleration and quartz extreme. I use the NVDarwin 128 Mb kext, seems to be the best one. (Q/E is never enabled by default, download OsX86Tools and from there you can enable it) /O
  12. Hi Hope this might help you out.. In 10.5.6 both my wireless Broadcom and my Intel network card works without adding any kexts. I don't know if you added any extra kexts for your hardware in your installation, if your built in trackpad/keyboard works and so on so i just sent the most important files. The 6 files in the attachment here are these. Azalia audio - for Conexant HD audio ACPI battery - for battery powermanagement (if you need it) IOATA family - for motherboard chipset (if you need it) NVdarwin 128mb - for hardware graphics Disabler - to disable apples powermanagement (if you need it) i use it with xnu speedstep) SMBIOSEfi - to show correct info in System profiler. (my system wont show correct info without it) These are the only ones i need to add to my 10.5.6 (retail with Boot132) to get it running perfect:) Install with Kext Helper or OsX86 Tools Good luck.. /O Archive.zip
  13. Hi I'm not sure that this is the right thread to post this but all of you here seem to know a lot about cooling, fans and temperatures so i'll give it a try. On my HP dv6000 1,6 GHz Core Duo i had the problem with fans blowing at full all the time and sometimes not kicking in even when it got really hot. Solved it by removing the AppleACPIThermal.kext from inside the AppleACPIFamily.kext so now the fans are controlled by my Bios if i understand correctly? Anyway it works very well so i installed Temperature monitor to check the temperatures. The thing that strikes me is that there is a big difference in temp between the cores. Between 5-8 degrees C pretty much all the time which seems weird to me, at idle they are usually at Core1 30C and Core2 35C which is pretty good i guess but they are always that uneven and it's also always the same core that is hotter. Is this normal and if not can anything be done to solve this? Thanxx... /O Kalyway 10.5.2, EFI 8 and Vanilla 9.2.2
  14. gravol

    HP Dv6000 & Dv9000 Intel Only

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The few glitches are: in Energy saver i don't have options for Battery/Power adapter as if it was a desktop computer. Probably due to that i did not choose any extra options (power management) for the install. It's not a big deal since i use it plugged in 99% of the time but if someone knows what's missing i'd appreciate a quick walkthrough" Installed an obvious AppleACPIBatteryManager which got the settings avalable and shows correct % and remaining time:) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey I have a dv6219 and got all the hardware to work without any major problems. Used the new XxX 10.5.6 disc and installed with ONLY the pre chosen options. Booted ok and the only thing missing was audio (Conexant HD) and hardware accelerated graphics (GeForce Go 7400) Wireless, network card, firewire, Usb, trackpad & keyboard + all the usual stuff was installed:) So, I reinstalled instead of just adding the missing hardware drivers just to check and chose the Conexant HD driver and then NvKush for graphics and that got it up and running from the start with everything working except audio input (which i never use anyways) Including shutdown and sleep. The few glitches are: in Energy saver i don't have options for Battery/Power adapter as if it was a desktop computer. Probably due to that i did not choose any extra options (power management) for the install. It's not a big deal since i use it plugged in 99% of the time but if someone knows what's missing i'd appreciate a quick walkthrough. Cpu fan seemed to run at pretty much constant speed all the time so i tried out the xnu-speedstep and it seemed to do the trick. Then i decided to update my Bios and after that the fans (at least in my mind:p) seemed to be running at higher speed again. Would the Bios update have an impact on that? If i set the display to sleep when inactive it wakes up when i move the mouse but doesn't give me my desktop back, just a black screen and i have to hold the power button to shutdown and then restart. These are all small things since all hardware is working, just stuff that bugs me.. I can highly recommend the XxX install, the only one close to this from all i've tried out is the Kalyway 10.5.2 which worked perfect, i just wanted to try an updated version. /O