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  1. N270 chip is a single core. Here's the datasheet from Intel: http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/mob...datasheet-.html
  2. Ultimate Leopard @ eeepc 900 Thread

    The Chicony cameras are supposed to work out of the box. I gave up on my EEE PC and sold it on Craigslist, moved into a Dell 10v.
  3. In iDeneb 1.6 for my eee 900 I had to use the old drovers, the newer ones didn't work. I've since scaled back to 1.4 for a number of reasons.
  4. Ultimate Leopard @ eeepc 900 Thread

    I just loaded iDeneb 1.4 and my camera is not working out of the box. Via System Profiler my camera is: USB 2.0 Camera Product ID: 0x0505 Vendor ID: 0x05e3 (Genesys Logic, Inc) Do we have the same camera?
  5. Ultimate Leopard @ eeepc 900 Thread

    I used this thread info: http://ipis-osx.wikidot.com/forum/t-133741...t-on-an-eee-900 Now, you tell me how to get my camera working and we're even.
  6. Ultimate Leopard @ eeepc 900 Thread

    I got mine on eBay.
  7. Ultimate Leopard @ eeepc 900 Thread

    I have a eee 900, the 16GB XP edition. I put a Dell 1390 card in and it's working fine. I'm using iDeneb 1.3 OSX 10.5.5. I just did this HDA fix from this site: http://ipis-osx.wikidot.com/forum/t-145769...ne-and-audio-in sound works now. My only issue left is the camera, as I also have ethernet running.