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  1. GMA X4500

    Hi Coldequation I'm happy for Roger, because I think he's a nice guy. But indeed, for this match, they were so close from each other, they should have been tied.... But unfortunately, there must be a winner.... Well, I got back the laptop from my girlfriend just for a while so i tried to use your batch. On stock kext from 10.5.7, without -r option, after reboot I get a blue screen for a few seconds, then a black screen for one second, and then again a blue screen. Nothing else. Booting in safe mode runs fine. And with -r option, as it deletes AppleIntelGMAX3100.kext, I have the same result as with Tienneke's patched kext : blue screen for a few seconds, black screen for one second, then blue screen again, and finally login window... But of course, no QE / CI......
  2. GMA X4500

    Wow, Sir Roger did it !!!!! ;-)
  3. GMA X4500

    It's a 1st generation Macbook, with a GMA950.. (device 0x27a2)
  4. GMA X4500

    Sorry guys if I don't give any news... In fact, the laptop was for my girlfriend, I just wanted to have native resolutions working on it before I give her... As it works now (with the patched kexts from Tienneke, thanks again), my girlfriend litterally stole the laptop from my hands to "play" with !! So, I can't test anything anymore right now I just have my Macbook, but it's useless for any tests !!!!
  5. GMA X4500

    I found that package in the same forum as you did
  6. GMA X4500

    I had already downloaded, and install this kext. Doesn't work at all But at this time, I didn't look into the packages of the kext.... 'Gonna have a look...
  7. GMA X4500

    Come on. You know that nobody can (and will) give you any answer today. Therefore, nobody knows if there will be a fully working kext one day... The only thing I can tellya is that with Tienneke's kext, and by installing ONLY AppleIntelGMAX3100FB.kext, I have a working Hckintosh with native resolutions. iChat & Photobooth are not working, and QE can't be enable. But if you just need native resolutions, it works (well, for me, it works)
  8. GMA X4500

    As far back as I can remember, I had exactly the same issue with another laptop with a real true X3100. It did that thing with kexts provided by iPC 1.3. I had a grey screen, with mouse pointer, that's all. BUT, in safe mode, I had a normal screen with native resolutions. I remember I solved this issue by using SlashHack's modified X3100 kexts....
  9. GMA X4500

    Yep = Here's my ioreg output GFX0ioreg1.txt
  10. GMA X4500

    Ok ! BTW : I tried with your modified kexts. I have exactly the same issue : blue screen on normal boot, but I can change résolution on safe boot !..... For the first time, I see my desktop at 1280x800 !!!!!
  11. GMA X4500

    Is it me ? I still don't see any GFX0 section in your ioregoutput.txt ?....
  12. GMA X4500

    I tried with another kext (version 1.5.24 provided by iPC 1.4), and same result : 72 occurences replaced - The version in whitch I had 80 occurences replaced was 1.5.30 - It is, indeed, strange that you don't have any GFX0 section in your ioregoutput... Did you try this command : ioreg -f -w 0 -n GFX0 >GFX0-ioreg.txt ? It should output only the GFX0 section...
  13. GMA X4500

    Really, I don't know. How did you do to replace ? I Used 0XED, and then replaced (in hex) 8680022A by 8680422A, and he told me 80 occurences replaced (in AppleIntelGMAX3100FB). Maybe some of these hex are not corresponding to the device ID.. Using the same method, 0XED replaced 6 occurences in AppleIntelGMAX3100 Anyway, there must be a problem because in my ioregoutput.txt, in the GFX0 section, I have "device-id" = <"B*"> It should be "device-id" = <422A0000>, I guess.......
  14. GMA X4500

    Here are my 2 kext patched (80 occurences replaced, my device ID is 2A42). These KEXT are from iAtkos v7. Also, as I have a blue screen after boot, here is the ioregoutput.txt All zipped Archive.zip
  15. GMA X4500

    I Tried. Replaced 80 occurences in AppleIntelGMAX3100FB and 6 occurences in AppleIntelGMAX3100... Doesn't work. I have a blue screen after boot.....