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  1. you can't run both on a single HD, there is a technical disagreement between the different formats for the HD. i don't feel like explaining it but basically, get a 2nd HD and it'll work just fine. then setup the Mac HD with the bootloader as your primary HD so then you can always have the boot option for either HD, the Mac/SL HD and the Windows HD. hope this helps.
  2. I need help with SNOW LEOPARD INSTALLATION...

    i've not heard of either. and sorry for any confusion, it is a copy of the retail dvd for Snow Leopard i have, the DMG image. the trouble i'm having is burning it obviously... and the [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] thing looks cool i just don't want it to be {censored} like kalyway was for me. nothing worked right with kalyway so i've been afraid of these modded installations since. WHAT THE do i do when it says remove anything more than 4gb of ram when my CPU only runs in sticks of 3??? and i only have 3 sticks of 2gb's each? ahhhhhh this sucks. AGAIN. no but for real i jokingly ask the ram question because i guess i'll be ok with the 6 gigs since that's my only option. i do seriously appreciate the pointer because i'd be a liar if i said i'm not going to try that this weekend.
  3. Ok, I have an i7-920 with an Ex58-UD5 mobo and it currently has Windows 7 on it, LEGAL and all (so i don't feel like losing my license key) and I don't have access to a Mac. I tried Digital Dreamer's method back when I had a Mac at work...it never ran good. Now I am out of a job and need to do freelance video editing (FCP) and I need to get this running badly... I just now attempted Kakewalk, however the OEM DMG file of the Snow Leopard Disc either didn't burn perfect or something and it wouldn't boot following Kakewalk's guide. And I even went as far and used "TransMac" for burning it too! Now I have a Verbatim coaster...and I am running out of them quick. This was attempt #2 using Kakewalk. I need help guys and girls. I feel like pulling my hair out this is so frustrating. If anyone could point me in the right direction and it work, I will seriously tip you $20 via paypal. Thanks so much.
  4. ok...please don't slit my throat on this, but i'm a 25 year old graphic artist and with being married with a pegnant wife and my career i haven't had enough time to figure this EX58-ud5 i7 920 hackintosh out quite yet and need your guys' help. BADLY! =D i know everyone says "kakewalk" but what do i do in dumbed down English? speak to me like i'm retarded because other than downloading the kakewalk ISO and putting SL on a seperate disk, i'm kinda lost from there as to where to go....
  5. i did the exact same build as well except i have a GTS 250 GPU but that's not a big deal. did you get SL working properly? i've yet to try it since i gave up all hope about 6 months ago. any luck? keep me posted please. thanks
  6. So....you don't actually use a physical EFI String placed in the com.apple.boot.plist? i've never heard of that....because this is what I read you're supposed to do. in order to get graphics working 100%. One guy sent me his apple.boot.plist as well, and i'm attaching that for you to look at. com.apple.Boot.plist.zip I also have a "Work Plan" which is DD's script method work plan, rewritten in plain english, if you could check it out, see that i've added your information in RED....and modify it to work with what you know and send it back to me possibly. Work_Plan.doc Thanks
  7. Any solution on the EFI String by chance? So tell me if i'm right: I just do the retail installation, using Digital Dreamers guide, as normal, and but replace the plist and smbios file with yours, then proceed with his script installer? my ram is 1600 6gb corsair, should i change the smbios to that as well, or no? the bios changes are easy in my opinion, do i also replace the dsdt file in DD's script installer then install using dsdt patcher? that's what i think would be the most logical approach. use DD's script, and replace all the files with yours basically. DSDT, smbios, and apple.boot.plist, but i need an EFI string... the reason i can't get my EFI String is because you have to use Regular Leopard, from what i've read, to retrieve it properly. And I don't have that ability. so then i'd turn the computer on, go through the normal SL setup, then run that UD3 installer? i don't get what you mean by saying use the other ISO and swap out DVD's... Thanks
  8. sorry i modified my post in the time it took you to reply, so check out what i said if you can. i definitely appreciate it. you should submit this stuff in other areas of this website, i've been looking for this solution now for months.
  9. Wow, this is incredible stuff to read about. i just sent you a PM but let me know on how to do this for someone like me with not a ton of knowledge after months of attempting to get my system to work right. I do have a Mac Pro that i've used to install retail Snow Leopard on my main HD for my build, and got it working about 98%. Sleep doesn't wake from keyboard/mouse and graphics aren't 100% fluid. Ok so I downloaded all the files you have attached, I notice there's not a EFI String in the apple.boot.plist....can you include that too? my video card is the same: Nvidia GTS 250 1gb. How would I go about using these files? just replace them such as the DSDT and apple.boot.plist? where do i place the extensions at? and the x58 "installer" says its for the UD3 board, not the EX58, but i'm guessing they're compatible? do i just install this after having retail SL on my machine yes? alot of dumb questions, but let me know thanks Thanks!
  10. GeForce 200 series support

    ok guys, this is weird, i physically moved from one place to another in town, and turned my hackintosh on, and it was "out of range" on the resolution, a few deletion of files (aty init.kext) and others and then unsuccessfully trying out switchresx and then uninstalling it, left with me now a resolution of 1280x1024 as my ONLY option. i really don't want to have to reformat my HD to make everything work again. it's a EX58-UD5 Mobo, and an i7 920 paired with the GTS 250 video card. yes i checked everything already and have no idea what i can do to fix this. ANY HELP is appreciated!
  11. i have this same problem and was wondering in noob type english what steps did you take to do this? =) i've gotten this far so i'm happy but the bios resetting thing is very frustrating. thanks
  12. alright, i need help from the community. i installed digital dreamer's awesome guide/script using a retail copy of Snow Leopard and everything works flawless except for my Samsung "SH-S223B" DVD CD Drive. obviously it opens when i press the physical button but its not recognized at all in OSX. any help guys? note: i installed the ioatafamily.kext update for IDE drives that aren't recognized...and it made the dvd drive work perfect. then out of nowhere 2 hours later my hard drive crashed and i'm not doing that again...lol solutions??
  13. ok i want to send out a huge thanks to everyone on here for helping us who are slightly slower at figuring this stuff out! for the record: i have a mac pro i am using to format my HDD then the plan is to insert into the project PC to have OSX on. Yes, i have an i7 920, and a GA-EX58-UD5 Motherboard. i am installing a retail DVD of Snow Leopard OSX. i am ready to do the installation tonight after work and had a few technical questions: 1) Step 11 on Preparation is "Make an ISO of your Retail DVD". Do i need to do this? if so how and why? 2) I want to use Chameleon because it looks better than a bunch of white and black text junk. is that ok for me to do instead of PC-EFI v10.3? (considering i am using a mac pro to format and do all the initial work versus on the actual machine) 3) Then step 7 of installation said this: If installing from Leopard for Snow Leopard, the script will automatically install all x86_64 (64-bit) kexts in /System, as 64-bit boot caches cannot be built into Leopard. Also, note too, that in Snow Leopard some i386 kexts (32-bit) just do not work in /Extra and must be installed into /System. These include current the selection of audio and networking kexts, so toggle them from the /Extra destination to /System by keying in their number and pressing 'Enter.' (i.e. press 4, Enter, 5, Enter, 7, Enter) How do i do that last part in bold? lol not exactly sure.... 4) Booting: When i boot, DD's guide says: to type "-v -x32" but for Chameleon I need to replace the -x32 with "arch=i386". and because i'm a first time installer, add "-s" to it as well so it'd be: "-v -s arch=i386". Is this correct? 5) Then....it says i type "buildcache followed by the return key". Is this right? Then it says when the script finishes, type "reboot" followed by the return key. So does this mean i'll get another boot window, correct? I have the rest figured out. Just wanted to ask the guys out there who could lend a helping hand to these 5 questions. THANKS!
  14. i hate to sound like a total retard on here but i have finally received all of my gear and have spent the past 2 evenings after work building the machine as meticulously as possible. it's now done! i have the Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD5 along with the i7 920 1356 2.66ghz processor. i read this thread through all the pages and can't figure out in plain english what my first step should be. i do have access to a mac pro where i could install the HDD and then format the drive with Snow Leopard. from there....i am totally lost as to what to do. any help is appreciated. right now, i have a $1200 machine that's just collecting dust. lol
  15. i bought the 520w Corsair 80 Plus certified power supply and now wonder if it wasn't enough. i am running 2 hard drives at 7200 rpms, and 3 sticks of 2gb DDR3 ram along with an x58 motherboard. i plan on getting 3 more sticks of ram as well as a solid state HD in the near future. i am running a GTS 250 graphic card, a card reader and 5 LED fans with 2 Cathodes. no i'm not 16 years old i just like lights. is this enough power for future plans?