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  1. Hi CruiSAr, have a look at my signature. if devid is needed let me know. greetz
  2. 10.7. DP2 install working with your script after applying dsdt patch to usb drive 10.7. DP2 booting with efi 10.6. for dp2 from your script with fakesmc.kext version 2.7.2 and IOAHCIBlockStorageInjector.kext only, booting 64BIT mode, added GenerateCstates=Yes to KernelFlag the following is working: graphics, wifi, sleep (no idle sleep), shutdown, restart, native power management, sound with logitech not working: Bios Reset Fix (maybe caused by Bootloader?) good work DD Thanks Having "double fault" all 8 out of 10 tries. Works best with cold started system.
  3. hi bbchucks, Installing in 32Bit with ATI_init.kext in S/L/E kernel panic after reboot. Than reinstalled kexts wih option 5 of the script. Working. No performane improvements in xbench. Installing in 64Bit with LegacyATI4800Controller.kext in /E with GraphicsEnabler=Yes and PciRoot=1 in com.apple.boot.plist i reinstalled kexts before restart using second OSX installation. Now you can restart. No Panic. No improvment. Later i replaced LegacyATI480....Kext with ATI4800Controller.kext from Netkas.org Exotic patch for GU1.0 to get performanceplus. No panic. No improvement. Good Luck Thanks again to DD I used This in combination with C2RC4 and d00ds NativePowermanagemment Topic Modification #16. But i dont know if its working for your Board. Good Luck Thanks to Duvel300 and d00d again.
  4. Hi guys, i use d00d's dsdt on a ud5/920/6gbocz/4870 with duvel300 restart fix, method b for audio and method a for network. im running C2RC4 10.6.4 in 64bit with following kexts in e/e ioahciblockstorageinjektor.kext from dd's script jmicronata.kext from dd's script causes error after wake up "ioatacontroller device is blocking bus" looking for working version to get IDE-dvd online, but optical memory is kind of outdated anyways alc889a_v2.kext from aschar1 ati4800controller.kext from netkas 10.6.4 GraphicsUpdate1.0 package fakesmc.kext rev391 with modification #13 "sudo chown root:admin /" will prevent "06/06/2009 17:47:13 com.apple.kextd[10] Can't create kext cache under / - owner not root." in the console thanks to you guys for the time you spend on this project! two small issues remain but i don't really mind: #1 can anybody confirm 10 degrees plus cputemp using orangeiconfix.kext instead ioahciblockstorageinjektor.kext? #2 any suggestions to get idle sleep working w/o penntneu script? tried removing almost all kexts, removing opticaldd, using istat 2.0 without s.m.a.r.t. is working now try to figure what ironed it out. (maybe Biosupdate to 13j; uninstalling vmware 3.11, paragon ntfs 8, Adobe Air) idle sleep working. delays 2 min after display goes to sleep. Paragon ntfs 8 prevents idle sleep, take heed of installing this. with best regards thanks again i love my rig
  5. Hi guys, i was looking for a way to make a sapphire 4870 toxic (Ven_1002 & ID_0x9440) sleep in 64bit mode on 10.6.4. This worked like a charm for me! Now my EX58/i7 920/6gb ocz/4870 toxic/Velociraptor/HAF 932 works with sleep, restart, audio, network, timemachine. Thanks to DD, d00d, aschar, Duvel300 and all the others of the osx86 thing.
  6. Same to me with D-Link DWA-547 AR5416. Got 10.5.7 on Gigabyte EX-58 UD5. With loaded IO80211family.kext the system works fine untill Airport is activated. I tried to use kext from 10.5.6 also kernel panic somtimes the even system freezes. Finally deinstalled kext and pci adapter using macbook for surfing! Any suggestions?
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