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  1. Glossy screens

    My wife has one of those small foot print (can't recall the model) Sony Vaio laptop w/ a glossy 4:3 screen. use it occassionally and the glare is not really that bad. In fact my wife has never have a problem with it. Also, you can always adjust the tilt angle to compensate.
  2. Same here! I wanted one for a while and having OSX installed on my PC recently really speed up the decision process
  3. is this for real?

    When it sounds too good to be true... it is too good to be true
  4. Thanks! I guess I will give the Crucial/Micron one a try I always have good luck with those. I've heard MACs are pretty sensity on RAM choices (timing mismatch, etc.) so I just want to make sure before I go ahead. Yeah, apple.ca charge an arm and two legs for the SODIMMs. It is crazy
  5. Just got a iMac 20" core duo. I regret I only get the 'basic' package w/ only 512MB RAM. Do I need to get it from Apple to be sure it works with the existing 512 in the first slot? Or, can I go generic and get another 512 from Micron with the same spec (single SODIMM, PC2-5300, 667MHz DDR2)? Sorry, this is my first Mac so please bear with my here Thanks!
  6. Just to clarify: I believe you copy the ATI X200 patch under IOATAFamily.kext after you have remove the old ones (Generic and old OnBoardATA) and the cache files before you repair the permissions with the disk utility tool in the GUI, correct? So the work flow is: (1) Install JAS 10.4.6 with ATI patch (2) After the installation, boot up with "-s" and log in as the root user (3) Delete the GenericATA and OnBoardATA kexts under IOFamily.kext (4) Copy the new OnBoardATA with the ATI fix under IOFamily.kext (5) Log out and let OSX boot up to the GUI (6) Repair the permission of the whole disk with OSX (7) Reboot I have actually tried booting up to the with "-s" the first time after the installation, logged in as the root user, and delete the necessary kexts and cache files. I copied over the new OnBoardATA w/ ATI fix from the other thread before hand and I repaired the permission and ownership in UNIX command prompt (not with the disk utility). I logged out and OSX continues with the boot up to GUI. I reboot the PC and I got the dreaded "root device not ready" error. Am I missing something? Yes, I have confirmed that I have this particular ATI chip set. I'm totally lost... Thanks for the help!
  7. At least you can make it works for the first boot. I can never get OSX to see my optical drives on the 2nd IDE channel after the installation. I have the same chip set on a desktop and MacOSX choose the Generic one everytime for some reason even if I deleted the cache file. However, if I looked at the boot up sequence with the "-v" option I can see that the OnBoard ATA driver was processed but the Generic one is the one that get used... if I deleted/renamed the Generic driver as well I got the dreaded "root device not ready" error at boot up. May I ask which installation ISO do you have? I got the Jas 10.4.6 (patched from 10.4.4) with a PPF patch mentioned in this thread that supposed to have the fix. I tried the kext driver mentioned in this thread but it didn't work for me. The DVD installation disc did boot up fine on the 2nd IDE channel, bit as long as it is installed nothing on the 2nd channel works.
  8. Working x200 solution natively install

    First of all, everything is installed and run but the X200 fix is not working after the installation. I have a ASUS P4R800-VM motherboard with the dreaded ATI X200 IDE controller. I need this in order to let OSX see the secondary IDE channel since my DVD writer is on that channel. Both of my hard disks (master pre-installed with XP and the primary active partition pf the slave is reserved for OSX) are on the 1st IDE channel. I PPF patched the ISO and burned the DVD. It booted up fine on the secondary IDE channel DVD writer, unlike the 10.4.5 ISO that I have before (I got the root device is not ready error), which means this PPF patched installation DVD has the X200 solution working with the installation process. I chose the primary active partition on the slave hard disk on the first IDE channel as the target. I have installed everything except for the AMD support and the SSE3 emulation (I got a P4 non-HT w/ SSE2). Ok, some language and printer supports are not installed but I can't see those are the problems. I have included the Maxxuss patch, the 10.4.5 upgrade and the 10.4.6 upgrade in the installation. Reboot the PC after the installation. I can boot up Mac OSX without any issue. Everything is working except that when I look at the system profile tool OSX thinks there is no optical burner, which is the master on the secondary IDE channel (it works on XP so it is not a drive problem). I even put in a blank DVD-R in it but nothing happened. It looks like the X200 fix is gone!! The fact that the installation DVD can be booted on the secondary IDE master DVD writer means the X200 fix is working (and OSX should recognize my LG writer). However, the fix is either not being installed, becomes ineffective after the installation or it is overridden by something else. Should I just re-install it with everything including the AMD and SSE3 supports as well to make it work? Any clue? Thanks! P.S. Just looking at the verbose bootup debug messages and it is using the AppleOnBoardATA driver, not the AppleGenericATA one. So, I don't understand why after the installation the OSX still can't see the drivers on the secondary IDE channel. Am I missing something? Worst come to worst I can always put the LG dvd writer into my spare USB 2.0 enclosure but I would like to keep it on the secondary IDE channel instead. Other than that everything is working as is.
  9. USB Problems

    I have the same problem with my USB audio device (a Pioneer receiver in my case). It works (with sound and OSX even recognized the name of the receiver in the system info tool) when I have it turned on and plugged in before booting up my Mac PC. Even worst, even when OSX recognized the device (I have verified this with the system info tool - it is listed as a connected USB device) 25% of the time I got no sound at all. The sound setting screen does not have the receiver in the list but the USB device list includes the receiver! Any idea why? May be I should get a real Mac...
  10. Working x200 solution natively install

    Sorry, I'm a noob so bear with me with my questions: (1) I have downloaded "MacOSX_10.4.4DVD_PPF4.rar" and I have installed 10.4.4. Can I extract the contents from this archive and patch it over my current installation for the ATI SB200 support? Which file(s) do I need to extract and where should I put it? (2) From the posts on this thread, this patch archive contains the 10.4.6 upgrade as well. So, which file should I extract to install the upgrade? How do I patch it over my current installation? Thanks!