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  1. When you say replace applehda with the 10.6, do you mean replace the stock one with the stock one from the 10.6.1? The zip I posted included everything, including a mkext for the Extras folder so its good to go. Im going to work on an auto packager or something for it so updates will be easy.
  2. Part one of my tutorial is a consolidation of the files in post 1 to make it easier to get started. Includes all the kexts, packed into a mkext, smbios list to autoload the right partition and a script to make the mkext (add -z option to bcc9's) Extra.zip
  3. I'd love to help. How do I do any of that?
  4. Why did you take out the smproductname?
  5. Ok I actually watched the startup this time, well I've watched it before too but this time i thought i would post it, it seems like the AppleHDA is getting loaded to early in the startup process. I see it tries to load but get a message stating its too early in the boot process. Is there someway to control what gets loaded when?` Specific message: Not loading kext com.apple.driver.AppleHDAController - not found and kextd not available in early boot.
  6. Isn't this missing the -z option? If not, how do you get around the packages not being signed? I still can't seem to figure out the bare minimums to get keyboard, touchpad, battery icon, sound and power working correctly without having the preboot.dmg, extensions.mkext, and also the extensions folder with all the kexts in the mkext in it. if i leave out one, i lose something. its frustrating me. once i figure it out, i can create an autoloader to do it all and also a nice video tutorial to do this. also, no go on the SDHC kext. Still looking for one that works. There should be a way to get it to work since the Dell Mini 9 has a working SD reader. I might have to go look at the kext from that and see what I can do to mod it for ours. Anyone know what the reader in laptop is?
  7. I don't know what it is but I just cannot get the keyboard/touchpad kexts to load if they are in the extensions folder. seems like they have to be in a dmg file or in a mkext
  8. Did you have this reply waiting all night? I thought I deleted that part of the post last night. I am going to finish up everything tonight and create the tutorial maybe tomorrow. Im thinking I may even create a Chameleon installer for those with a 1340 that want just SL on the comp.
  9. Wow so far so good. The F5 is exactly what I needed. I don't know why it won't work just swapping but it looks like its going now. Let you know in a bit. Install went great. Now just trying to get Chameleon to install and play nice with the system. I'm having to trial and error a lot as my attempts to just drop the kexts from post 1 into /Extra/Extensions is going horribly. I've tried changing the plist file, making mkexts, all sorts of things. Right now the folder is a mess but mostly works. The only thing that doesn't is getting Cham to autoload Mac OS X without my input. Once I get that, I am going to go through the folder file by file and figure out what isn't working and whats caused things that are working to work. Once I get that done, I am going to wipe the system and make a how to from the beginning with screenshots (though i have no idea how to do that. may just have to film the screen with my camera).
  10. Ok then maybe something is just wrong with the way I am doing. I dl'ed the iso you linked to, burned to a dvd, booted from the DVD. Got to a graphical menu with 4 icons (one for the dvd, another that looks like a hard drive and two for windows). Is there where I am supposed to swap in the SL disc? I do that, hit enter when the DVD is selected and and it doesn't really do anything. It tries to load it then returns an error about not being able to and dumps me back at the menu.
  11. I'm sorry, normally I am pretty good with these kinds of things but I am just not getting something here. I always like to think that if I am having problems, then at least 1 other person out there is having the same issue so by helping me you may be helping others too. Let's just suppose I don't know anything about any of this (right now I am really feeling like this). What exactly are the steps (all of them) to get this going. Here is a list of things I have that I can use: Snow Leopard retail disc 4gb USB flash drive Dell Mini 9 running 10.5.8 that if necessary, I can take the hard drive out of and use as a 32gb USB hard drive Dell XPS 1340 with the 1510 wifi card (which I guess means I can install 64bit) iPhone (don't know if I can somehow use it) If I can get this working, I can make a great install tutorial (screencast version and text based) for others to follow. I'm not saying the version on the first page is bad but it seems to skip a lot and assume a lot. I want a how to for dummies or at least something that is clearer. Thank you for your hard work on this by the way.
  12. I'm not new to OSX or to installing it on a PC as I have a fully functional 10.5.6 install running on my Dell Mini 9. However, I just got a 1340 and I am trying to figure out how to get Snow Leopard on it. I don't have 10.5 installed on it and I am trying to figure out how to get Snow Leopard on it but the guides I found on here aren't entirely clear in how to do that. On my mini, it was really easy and straightforward. I used an existing Mac, hooked up my SSD as a USB drive. Restarted the Mac and booted from the USB SSD. Installed all available updates. Installed DellEFI. Shut down. Put SSD in the Mini, start it up and all done. I was wondering if there was an easy way like that to install on the 1340? Also is the GM version of SL the same thing as the retail disc I can go and buy at Bestbuy?
  13. etiger13

    HOW TO: sigmatel 9250 audio :TUTORIAL

    Worked great on my Gateway MX6930. Everything that I use on it is working now except for Touchpad scrolling but thats not necessarily a bad thing.
  14. Is the GSoD related to this? A kernel panic is when the system freezes and spits out an error message on the left of the screen right? All I get when I try to run dmg files is the box that pops up and says the computer is dead and i need to shut it down. I have 9.6 Kernel and am using the 10.5.6 Kext from the combo update but dmgs still crash my computer at the point when they are getting mounted.