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  1. reripping my CDs into apple lossless or WAV?

    For me it comes down to ALAC or FLAC. (I have a large collection waiting to be ripped) I'm holding out for Leopard to see what it brings from the FLAC side - word is on the street it that the Quicktime framework [aka itunes support] will have FLAC support bulit in at API level; that may (or may not) extend to new ipod firmware to enable playback of FLAC. I have all my multimedia files (music/video/photo) stored on Synology CS-406 NAS 1.5GB RAID5 Arrary. Gigabit LAN blah blah blah - cheap and quite fast in benchmarks. Good support people as well. Until leopard there is a quicktime plugin that allows FLAC to be played thru itunes.
  2. @ JSN1 & Jaco Does the Audio Aavantage USB SPDIF output deliver DTS (AC-3/5.1 surround) when playing back DTS enabled DVD's ?
  3. Prasys, Good on you for taking up the challenge for RaLink USB wireless. I don't know if you have seen this before but I thought I'd include it just incase. (RaLink 3rd party device list) http://ralink.rapla.net/ Kudos to you.
  4. @Prasys Awesome driver package - well done, rock solid performance and extra thruput again me thinks with the "compression box checked" Also I installed the Airport2.menu - It works great - looking forward to rev2 for more functions. @Tomtefar No it does not register as a true airport - but Prasys homebrew & Airport2.menu is the next best thing.
  5. Good work on the RT2500-Home style driver. (I have yet to try it) I thought I may be able help a little. I have a driver from RA-Link that's only 6 weeks from their development house. It's reliability is excellent as is it's thruput. NO MORE replugs required with this beasty for me. Let me know this one helps! Toshi RT7X_Ralink_Installer.dmg
  6. Hey np_, The 10.4.3 had a kext that gave us QE&CI on Intel8xx Graphics with res changing. The problem was no one had the source. If you could get a hold of that or reverse it some how, that's a easy 500 dollars..... But I don't want to distract you from Nvidia project but this side project would help pay the bills or more candy...!
  7. $232 (more coming) for Intel 8x5 Graphics 10.4.5 working kext. Yes, these PC are end of life and thats what all the hardware manufacturers want. Short life cycle. Great for sales. However, the truth is that these suckers can still have a few more years service and thats great for us, not the manufacturers. Keep the pledges coming..... Now, who can Xcode kexts and has some reversing experience ? or Access to Darwin kext (10.4.1) sources for importing into Xcode 10.4.5 ? any takers in the coding community here up for it ?
  8. Intel 865 $30 USD Anyone good at reversing the 10.4.1 Kext ? as that worked like the bomb.....QE+CI on Intel 865 Best of luck to us.