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  1. YES you are right - I saw the link but NOW I did read it more carefully..... One question remains: - Is an upgrade (without too many hassels) OK (I want to keep my installed apps & settings) regards Gerhard
  2. seeking Lion advise.. Whats the best way to upgrade to Lion? - I saw a fresh install might be the only way - reinstall all apps or pull them over from Timemachine ? - any experience/advise thanks Gerhard
  3. Sleep: Apple menu vs key-combination: Hi - I brought up my EP45-DS3L to the latest SW-level (Charm RC5; 10.6.5) works fine but this observation is odd: When I put the system to sleep via Apple-menu-->sleep - I can wake up the thing with a stroke on the USB-keyboard. When I put it into sleep with alt+cmd+eject - it goes into sleep, but cannot be woken up by a keystroke - I have to give the power button a hit --> which leads to a reset & reboot. any idea ?? thanks Gerhard
  4. Great - I want to look into this as well. What chameleon boot loader are you using ? How was the "migration": Install boot - flash bios - boot & remove kexts ? What is blackosx's opinion - do you use it ? regards hausi
  5. DSDT & Adding HW ? Hi - a quick one: If I add new HW to my hack e.g. a new PCI USB controller - do I have to go thru the dsdt-creating process again ?? Currently everything is working fine on my EP45-DS3L with 10.6.2 ..... thanks G.H
  6. Me too!! If someone could tell me in a little more detail about P&C-states and how the modification in dsdt are made... And what the advantages are compared to the current NullCPUPowerManagement..... Need to judge if tweaking on a perfect running system will pay back. thnx G.H.
  7. What Fire Wire PCI card can you recommend for 10.6 - which runs out-of-the-box ?? thanks G.H
  8. Another successful installation on: GA-EP45-DS3L Rev 1 BIOS F10. Intel QuardCore 2.83Ghz, 8GB DDR 800Mhz, nVidia GTS250 1024 MB Installation method: USB-Stick It runs very stable & solid - both with 32+64bit kernel! For the GTS250 I used DSDTSE editor to include the "nVidia 250 hack" - works with DSDT no EFI strings! FYI: Vmware Fusion requires 32bit kernel. The only problem: - sharing & Bonjour: I have put en0 into "promisc" mode - but the other PCs (hackintosh with 10.5.8 as well as Windows) shares don't get discovered. Any idea ?? G.H.
  9. 4850 on Snow Leo

    Hi just a question before my 10.6 installation: - Is there a new way/guide for ATI 4850 setup in Snow Leo ? - or do I have to follow "A Simple Guide to the 4830/4850/4870/4870x2/4890" ??? Maybe someone has already assembled the comprehensive knowledge in this thread...... G.H.
  10. MacMini & EyeTV

    Pre-Purchase! checking out if this is worth the investment..... Gerhard
  11. MacMini & EyeTV

    BUMP! ....then who has experience with EyeTV hybrid & recording/playbackperformance on other Macs?? G.H. BUMP! ....then who has experience with EyeTV hybrid & recording/playbackperformance on other Macs?? G.H.
  12. Does anybody have experience with EyeTV hybrid on a MacMini ? My questions: - performance: how is DVB-S/C recording & playback performance - can you record HD ? - how do you connect to TV ? any DVI-to-HDMI converter ? Is this a suitable solution for "Media-PC" in a living-room ? thanks G.H.
  13. Few questions: - Why are you using Chameleon V2 RC1 (and not RC2) ? - can anyone suggest a Firewire PCI card which works OOB with EP45-DS3L + 10.6 (or at least 10.5.8)? regards G.H.
  14. NoGo on an Asus M2A32-MVP. Hi - did the installation on a clean disk (with chameleon RC2.640, replaced "boot", and test7-kernel). Very early I get: **/dev/rdisk0s3 Can't initialize disk cache /dev/rdisk0s3 (hfs) EXITED WITH SIGNAL 8 I get the same error when I boot into single user and do a "fsck". Mobo: Asus M2A32-MVP de luxe (SB600) 10.5.6 is running fine here..... any idea - apart from "switch to Intel" (which I might do sooner or later..) G.H.
  15. Snow leopard has arrived at Best Buy

    You probably saw this ? http://blogs.zdnet.com/BTL/?p=23109&tag=nl.e589 Its coming ... in an Apple store near you! G.H.