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  1. [How to] Asus P5K-VM guide

    Hello guys, firstly i wana thanx all of you who wrote on this forum, it helped me a lot in getting my hackintosh work... almost my problem is that i succesfully install it on this mobo and it worked really well for 2 days. but in this morning when I powered on the pc it gave me this message : and after that just shuts down. Please, if you be so kind to give me a point, i'll be very grateful. Thanks in advance! this is the message if you can't understand from the poor quality image: USBF: 29.678 AppleUSBUHCI: unable to initialize UIM syncing disks... Killing all processes continuing done CPU halted
  2. ATI Mobility Radeon X1350

    Can anyone tell me which distro has succesfully installed on HP 6820s? thank you in advance!
  3. Hello mates! Can anyone confirm that had made this work on HP 6820s? Thanx in advance!
  4. Will my PC run OS X? That is the Question! :)

    thnx people... i bought finally another motherboard, asus p5k-vm, and i've made it to work very nice with ideneb 1.4. but the problem is that after i've let the computer for some hours and came back home the pc was in standby and i could't have made to woke up and finally shut it down. when i started up again when entered in boot suddenly it shuts down at "cpu halted!"... i've searched all the internet but without any concrete solution... any ideas? thanx in advance!
  5. P5Q SE Plus no sound on iPC 10.5.6

    hello jholtom, can you confirm what lovethenet has said? i also want to buy this motherboard and want to be very very sure that is ok. thanx!
  6. hello people, i have followed the instructions but with no luck. i have iaktos v7 10.5.7 and kernel 9.7.0 and installed seatbelt for 10.5.7 but the issue is not fixed.. any ideas how to solve this? thanx in advance!
  7. 10.5.7 Kernel Panic w/ Fresh Install iatkos

    i have exact the same problem with iaktos v7... someone on this forum told me to istall the seatbelt kext but this didnt helped me... did you managed to pass over this issue?
  8. Will my PC run OS X? That is the Question! :)

    oh, thanx man! that means that i've skiped it. any idea now how to install it? cheers!
  9. Will my PC run OS X? That is the Question! :)

    ok... i've finally succeded with iaktos v7 which has the option to install on non-ahci bios versions... the only problem is that when i try to install something i get a kernel panic.... some solutions for this? thanx in advance
  10. Will my PC run OS X? That is the Question! :)

    can you please be more specific? i'm using intel cpu... what distro should i use? my bios doesn't have the AHCI mode option for hardisks... maybe i'll have to buy another motherboard... i dunno..
  11. Hello people, Firstly, sorry for my bad english for it's not my primary language. I've finally gave up trying to make run OS X on my PC, after I think more than an year, just googlin', searching and reading topics, burning almost a hundred DVDs with no success. I even think now that i probably should have bought a new system with verified capable hardware for osx86, but the financial situation it is not the best to me. So asking you for your help is the last alternative before buying a new system compatible of osx86. So my motherboard is ASRock Wolfdale1333-GLAN, graphic card Geforce 9500 GT with 1GB RAM, 4 GB RAM, intel core2 duo E4500@ 2.2 ghz. From what i have understood, my bios version has to be modified to handle Leopard. Booting with -v I am stucked at a message when booting that ends with "MAC Framework successfully initialized using 16384 buffer headers and 4096 cluster IO buffer headers". Please bear with me... Thanx in advance!
  12. Hello, This is my very first post on this forum (sorry for my bad english please) and i decided to post here after about 5 days spending to get leopard work on my pc. I have tried all the versions of leopard dvd i've found on internet and all the ways i've known and discovered on internet but all it was in vain. I fear that my system won't wear that beautiful fur of the Leopard... The far as i cand get it was the apple boot logo with the spining circle... I really appreciate if someone would help me to find a solution. Here i will post my system specifications: CPU: Processor Model Intel Pentium (6x86) Type Primary Processor Logical CPU Count 2 Physical Memory 2^36 Bit (64 GB) Vendor Intel Corporation Family 6th Generation of UMC Processors Product Code SLA95 Hardcoded Name Intel® Core2 Duo CPU E4500 @ 2.20GHz Rated Frequency 2.20 GHz Measured Frequency 2194 MHz Family/Model/Stepping 6/15/13 Bus Speed 800 MHz Bus/Core Ratio 11 PCG 06 L2 Cache Size 2 MB Motherboard: Motherboard Information Motherboard Model Wolfdale1333-GLAN Motherboard Vendor Unknown Chipset Model 82945G/GZ/P/PL Processor to I/O Controller Chipset Vendor Intel Corporation BIOS Model AMIBIOS 080012 BIOS Vendor American Megatrends Inc. BIOS ID 63-017-0000010-00101111-112107-INTEL-ASR53017 BIOS Date 11/21/07, Wolfdale1333-GLAN BIOS P1.00 I have hard disks with sata II interfaces. Nvidia gforce 7300 GT I hope i didn't miss something useful. Thanx in advance!