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  1. mpcookson

    ALC888 driver sample?

    Does anyone know if there is a sample driver, maybe from Linux, for the Realtek ALC888? I'm trying to write a driver for my U100, but the register mapping is giving me fits. Anyone have any docs or sample code on how to find and map the DMA and control/status registers? Thanks!
  2. mpcookson

    kdp_poll: no debugger device

    I couldn't figure out how to enable the two machine debugger, but the panic happened on my Mac Pro as well, so I was able to debug it from the opposite direction, so the immediate problem is solved.
  3. So I'm working on an audio device driver for my hackintosh, and it's panicking for some unknown reason. I've tried all the usual tricks, but I can't figure out the issue, so it's time to get into gdb and do some two machine debugging which I've done plenty of times before and usually isn't an issue. However, I can't attach to the hackintosh, even though it has working ethernet and an IP address, because kdp_poll can't find the ethernet card. Can someone tell me how to get the two machine debugger working on the hackintosh side? Or is that something that hasn't been hacked yet? Thanks!
  4. mpcookson

    Audio Chip & spec for MSi Wind U100

    Hi all, I bought a MSi Wind U100 the other day for a hackintosh and I'm a bit disappointed by the audio driver. I've written a number of audio drivers for Mac OS X, so I'd like to help out by writing one for the Wind that has working input and headphone/speaker switching. I spent a while yesterday trying to figure out what audio chip is in the Wind for the purpose of getting its spec sheet, but I wasn't able to. Can someone tell me what audio driver is in the U100 (so I don't have to open the case again, because the last time one of the screw mounts broke -- very thin plastic)? Bonus points for pointing me to a pdf of the chip's specs (registers, addresses, etc.). Thanks!