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  1. moonislune

    X on the battery icon

    I have tried many solutions including those from kexts.com. Your solution finally gave me a working battery indicator. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Dell Inspiron 14z (N411z)- Intel Core i3, GMA HD3000
  2. moonislune

    PS/2 input support?

    Thanks, these worked great on my Fujitsu laptop with ALPS pointing stick. Both keyboard and pointing stick work!
  3. If you haven't already tried netkas IOPCI it fixed that PCI configuration error for me http://netkas.org/?p=1053
  4. moonislune

    Set Brightness on Startup

    Thanks, works great in Mountain Lion!
  5. moonislune

    Set Brightness on Startup

    Sorry to revive an old thread but this works great for me on 10.6.8 . I changed the value in the plist (in the zip file) to .5 and it sets brightness to 50%. Thanks again, this will help my battery life!
  6. Sorry for late reply. Did you get your M400 video to work? I didn't have your #2. What model M400? What bios? Did it come with XP or Vista?
  7. moonislune

    OSX86 on a Toshiba Tecra M5 Laptop

    On my m400, you would have to press the FN key and F5 (the external display key) 3 times while at Chameleon and then boot into Mac OS X. That's the only way it worked for me.
  8. When you are at the Chameleon boot loader, press the FN function key and F5 to cycle through all the display out modes. I usually press FN + F5 3 or 4 times and then boot with graphics into Snow Leopard. Your screen will work. I believe I also installed the 10.4.8 framebuffer to enable quartz extreme and hardware acceleration. Use Empire EFI (legacy) disk and Snow Leopard retail. Be sure to do the video FN+F5 trick I described above.
  9. moonislune

    TabletMagic for TabletPCs

    Thanks for posting the news! It now works great on my Toshiba m400 serial (non-USB) tablet in Snow Leopard! Its so nice to have working handwriting recognition!
  10. moonislune

    Constant incorrect permissions?

    My permissions issues stopped when: 1. After installing (dragging) a kext into System/Library/Extensions I always (in terminal) sudo chmod -R 755 kextname.kext sudo chown -R root:wheel kextname.kext 2. Repair permissions with diskutil 3. Then run this in terminal (just copy the command below and replace HARDDRIVENAMEHERE before you run this: sudo kextcache -v 1 -t -m /Volumes/HARDRIVENAMEHERE/System/Library/Caches/com.apple.kext.caches/Startup/Extensions.mkext /Volumes/HARDRIVENAMEHERE/System/Library/Extensions/ Hope it helps! You need to do those steps each time after installing kexts in S/L/E
  11. moonislune

    TabletMagic for TabletPCs

    Great find! I'll definitely have to play around with the settings some more. Might even look at getting a new tablet pen with 2 buttons! I in running 10. 6.1 on a TC4400. Thanks for posting this, seems like there's enough of us interested in Mac tablets to keep this thread going!
  12. Thanks. Sounds like we both like Tablet Macs, or want a good working one! Overall, would you recommend the Q1 if the driver wasn't so expensive?
  13. moonislune

    TabletMagic for TabletPCs

    I wish that worked for me. I even tried reassigning buttons but no-go. The weird thing is- Apple ink doesn't have that problem with Tablet Magic which makes me think it's Axiotron's software
  14. If you email them, they might be willing to offer a consumer version or discount, although I'd be surprised. Is there a preferences file that can be deleted to "extend" the driver tria, e.g. System/Library/Preferences? I'd like to try this out for a month or two but the trial seems a bit limited for the price.
  15. moonislune

    TabletMagic for TabletPCs

    I have the sameproblem. I've seen quickscript working on USB tablet Macs and it l would be really nice to have it Working properly on the Wacom serial based tablets running Tablet Magic. Would a donation help our cause?