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  1. AppleTV Ram

    It Could be done... but not without special tools. And there is another problem. You'll need another serial EPROM with updated information about RAM size... That could be more of a problem than actually soldering new chips on board. Maybe you could get 512MB RAM module for laptops (with 4 memory chips) and desolder RAM chips off and also the serial EPROM and then solder everything in the Apple TV. Sounds like tons of fun :>
  2. Apple TV

    I had an idea the moment Steve said it has Intel CPU and hard drive... will it be possible to install OS X on the apple TV? It would be ideal little office/internet box... no noise, no power brick... just perfect. Those are the specs... I found those on macrumors.com forum A bit short on the RAM tho...
  3. Best motherboard for 10.4.8

    Symbion I think that Asrock ConRoe945G-DVI is a safe bet for a cheap motherboard. But if you are thinking about geting a celeron D just make sure that you will buy 352, 356 or 360. Those are new celerons with 512kB L2 cache made in 65nm technology. Those are much faster than old 90nm Celerons (similar speed to "original" P4 clock for clock) and they overclock like hell... Easily 4.5GHz with stock cooler, or 5GHz with good afermarket air cooler...
  4. This tool is just awesome! Worked like a charm for me. Thank you very much!
  5. Gigabyte GeForce FX 6200 128MB PCIe... working with QE/CI support. On Dell 2405FPW, very fast too. Dual screen is not working...
  6. AMD Systems 10.4.8

    Same here... OSX 1048 AMD FINAL... nForce 4 + A64... perfect. Except SATA
  7. OSX 1048 AMD FINAL

    I installed this version yesterday. And it is working like a charm. Even CI and QE work on my GeForce 6200... first time for me on this gfx... The only problem I had was with my RTL8139 network card. I had to delete the RealtekR1000.kext from the IONetworkingFamily.kext. After that nic was properly recognized.
  8. Apple Pro Speakers

    Apple Pro Speakers are passive speakers, and you cant use them without separate amplifier unit (that or the iFire which is an amplifier powered from FireWire connector). I recommend finding used iFire unit on ebay. But if this is not possible then you will have to do some serious modifications to the speakers and also you will have to find appropriate amplifier unit (something around 2*20W). One option would be buying some cheap active speakers for PC and then scraping the amplifier inside and connecting Pro speakers to that amplifier. I think that everything else is much more complicated.
  9. robin chou: I modified original cable that connects G5 motherboard and front panel connectors (it came with case) and then cut it in half. After that I just soldered longer cables on and connected them on my motherboard. The front panel connector is smaller than standard connectors that are found on PC motherboards. And because I could not find the matching female connector I just used the original one.
  10. Dark Light great guide there... thank you! As for Mac Pro. I tkink it is quite easier to mod it. But there could be a problem with drive bays. I don't know how exactly is it made but it look like that there is an raiser card that those drives connect to. There is no cables... so this could be a problem. You can look here... http://www.powermax.com/articles_reviews/article.php?id=32 But there is something else what could be much more of a problem. Is there enough space to fit full size ATX mobo in there? because the dual optical units and new PSU eats up mach more space than in the old Powermac. It could happen that the ATX mobos will be to high to fit in... But we will have to wait and see when first cases will be available on the ebay... I'm first in line
  11. You can find the connection digram of the front panel conectors, light and button in the Apples PowerMac G5 service manual... There was a link posted few pages back.
  12. Hello again guys... You might be interested in this little program my friend wrote today. It is used to eject CD tray in your G5 case under Windows using F12 key... Remember G5 case does not have eject button on the optical device, so this is quite handy when runing windows on your "G5". Instalation is simple, just put the exe under startup. Then press F12 to open or close the tray. (there is a little eject OSD animation every time you eject the tray, just like in OS X ) And please report the bugs G5Eject.rar
  13. Damned its HOT

    We had 3 day LAN party this weekend... it was hot as hell there. Temperatures around 38°C inside, day and night. All day sauna :>
  14. Yes those fit through holes on the bottom of the case easily. I used custom 60mm high standoffs, 4 of them are screwed through holes in the bottom and other two are glued. PSU circuit fits those holes at the bottom just perfectly so I used 5mm standoffs to fit the circuit and 55mm standoffs to hold the PCB in place and on top of that is PSU bay cover.
  15. Those are M3 screws, head is about 5mm in diameter and 4mm high.