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    High cpu usage (ACPI.sys) with windows 7

    I will answer my own question thanks to a thread I found on another website, the driver which is causing this problem is the intel iris driver. A temporary fix is to just simply switch the driver to standard VGA display driver, via device manager. When I did so, cpu usage came back to normal. Hopefully Intel and apple can work together to come up with a better driver that doesn't hog the cpu.
  2. I constantly have a cpu usage of around 20 to 25% on a boot camp installation of windows 7 64 bit. My machine is a Macbook pro Retina 13 inch mid 2014, model A1502. Under task manager, it's the "system" process which is the cpu hogger. I've installed windows performance toolkit and ran an "xperf trace" to really find out specifically what is gouging all that cpu and found out it's the ACPI.sys driver. By disabling ACPI in device manager, cpu usage was the same. I even reinstalled win7 and installed all windows updates and cpu usage was constantly around 20-25%. I'm guessing it's one of bootcamp's drivers not working properly with my mac's model, I could be wrong. Anyone else having this issue ?
  3. Grafdude

    The best Macbook Pro Cooler

    That's a fact, well I guess the goal here is to find one that it's design would match the mbp's design, im a n00b with laptops (mac too) so I can't really tell what would be very well suited. The Zalman you mentioned looks like a good choice, I thinking of buying it but now I really wanna make sure I make the right choice, has anyone had any experience with this cooler?
  4. Grafdude

    The best Macbook Pro Cooler

    What do you people think about the Targus PA248U Notebook Chill Pad and the Antec USB-Powered Notebook Cooler ? Another thing that really caught my attention is Thermaltake's iXoft which is a passive pad, it look's quite interesting.
  5. Grafdude

    The best Macbook Pro Cooler

    Thanks for the info, but isn't there any coolers that are specifically designed for the macbook pro, or the entire line of the macbook's?
  6. I'm looking for a laptop cooler that will make my mbp run at lower temperatures, but I'm kinda like confused with all the abundant laptop coolers that are on the market today. What I'm looking for is the cooler that has the best combination of noise/performance. I noticed that pretty much all coolers are designed for pc laptops, so is there any coolers designed for macs or pc coolers will do just fine with mac's. What caught my attention was the Pacific Breeze cooler which was highly rated by lots of people and the Antec Laptop cooler, what do ya'll think of those? One other thing that isn't clear to me is the cooling design of the mbp, I dont hear any fans spinning whatsoever, as if the laptop is passively cooled, am I right? So if no fan is present, it is best to push air to the back of the laptop's air ducts, right? Any suggestions?
  7. I'm having this really strange printing problem when I try to print a document from my mbp 2.2ghz to a windows xp machine, which has the hp psc 1610 shared on the network. I also have another windows machine on the network and network printing works just fine so the problem is most likely with the mac. I'm trying to print this page: http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=75459 It's a 4 page document and when my printer starts printing, the first page starts with a diagonal sort of line with some weird text and the rest of the pages just come out the printer, blank. I am able to browse through the shared file on the machine with the printer so I don't think it's a sharing issue. Here's the code I get from the 1st page: %!PS-Adobe-3.0 %RBINumCopies: 1 %%Pages: (atend) %APL_DSC_Encoding: UTF8 %%Title: (K To me it seems to be the code from mac's print settings or something, very odd. I figured might be application related, so I tried printing in Firefox and then TextEdit, with same results. So in the printer settings in the System Preferences, I changed the "Kind" setting from PostScript to a printer that most resembled my printer and still got the same problem. Anyone has any ideas what's going on? Im running os x 10.4.10 on mbp 2.2
  8. Grafdude

    MBP 2.2ghz running at 1.83ghz?

    Under system profiler, the cpu is identified as a core 2 duo 2.2ghz.
  9. I've installed coreduotemp and it is reporting that my cpu is running at 1.83ghz, although I have a mbp 2.2ghz. I though it was because I had my energy saver set at normal, but even set at "Better Performance", it's still running at 1.83. Not only that, sometimes I see the clock go down to 1.33 for several seconds (sometimes even minutes) and then it goes back to 1.83. All of this is happening while my mbp is supplied with power (MagSafe Power Adapter) Now, it's to know if coreduotemp really is reporting the correct cpu clock.
  10. Grafdude

    Dell Inspiron 1720, OS X compatible?

    My main concern is will SATA work ?
  11. Grafdude

    Dell Inspiron 1720, OS X compatible?

    Actually it's a 2x160GB SATA hard drive. It's kinda hard to picture 2 drives would fit into a laptop, could be a double plater drive too, for the moment I really can't tell until I get the laptop. Go on dell's website and pick the inspiron 1720 and customize it, you will see what I mean. So do you think osx would work?
  12. Grafdude

    Burning 10.4.9 v1.3

    Yup that's right, your image is most likely corrupted.
  13. I ordered a customized dell inspiron 1720 laptop, has a 360gb sata drive, 256mb geforce 8600 GO and 2gb of ram. Now will I be able to install and run OS x on it?
  14. Grafdude

    Asus radeon x300 se?

    I checked the HCL for the asus radeon x300 se pci-e and its stated that os x works under a vmware install. Now the installation was a breeze, just as when I attempted a native install but when X loads up I can only see my mouse cursor on a black background, same symptoms as when I made a native install. With my 7800 GT os x runs just fine, so this is really a video issue. Is there any specific things I need to do to make my video work?
  15. I've got a sb audigy 2 (PCI) and I was wondering, can it work under os x?