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  1. G5 Front Panel to ATX I/O Cables

    can I have three of these shipped to Maryland? Please PM me to make arrangements. Thanks!
  2. AppleHDA ALC268 Shutdown Issues [SOLVED!]

    Hi, I had the same problem on a Toshiba A205-S5825 I'm installing. Shutdown doesn't work anymore. I'm running 10.5.3 installed from a retail DVD + 10.5.3 combo update + Pc_Efi 8, vanilla kernel. SOLUTION: Use AppleHDA.kext from Taruga but, instead of using ALCinject.kext, use HDAEnabler.kext. IT WORKS! Links: Taruga patch: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?act...st&id=20138 (just use AppleHDA from this file) HDAEnabler included below (credits to the guy who made it) Just put those files on extensions folder, repair and reboot. HDAEnabler.kext.zip
  3. iATKOS v2.0i released!

    Thanks a lot guys! I love this community!
  4. GIGABYTE GA-945GCMX-S2 with Leopard

    Iji oh: yes, it works with Tiger, tested myself. Scrizz: I don't know, I've attached a bracket (optional), to the mainboard SPDIF header and my decoder is doing the job of making it sound in dolby when available. I can try and post. Good Luck!
  5. Microcenter Dual Core E2140 $ 49.- + Rear defroster repair kit (Advance autoparts), $ 9.80 + half an hour to make the bsel mod and make it run 2.14 Ghz (1066 FSB) on stock cooler and cheap mobo, cold and with no modifications to Vcore....TOTAL: 58.80 BEAT PcCharles Processor badly= PRICELESS
  6. GIGABYTE GA-945GCMX-S2 with Leopard

    Hi Guys! I'm using this mobo with PC_EFI V7.2 installed, detected as MAC PRO. Everything works fine, you can even update the system to 10.5.1 using software update if you have EFI installed. (tried from version 3, 5, 6 and 7). For the obessive guys like me, I'm including the AppleHDA.kext and ALCinject.kext I've made with taruga patch and Linux codec dump. It works 100%, I'm using analog ouput and digital too (with adaptor), all the inputs work!. Just delete AppleAzalia and drop this two files in your /System/Library/Extensions/ and repair permissions as usual, remove Extensions.kext, reboot and enjoy 100% audio functionality. Good Luck! Cabegol 945GCMX_Sound.zip
  7. Guys, if you can find one, ACER 9410 powerful, cheap and 99% compatible (except for the integrated webcam). Sounds works 100%, I've tried all the inputs and outputs (including optical), and built in microphone. Cardbus slot working fully (I've been using firewire and external SATA thorough CARDBUS). Everything else working 100%, there is some models with Intel wireless....in that case, switch the mini pci-e card....for an atheros one. Good Luck
  8. L34p4rd x2

    MacBrazil version is only for Intel SSE3 Processors, and is working perfectly on my GA-945GCMX-S2 with an E2140 Core Duo, EVERYTHING is working fast. You can just patch the "standard" GM image from Apple with simple steps and make a DVD yourself. Of course we have to wait for AMD and SSE2 support.
  9. Hi Everyone, I have a 5570-2977, as you may know, there's no way (yet), to make this laptop to recognize the Onboard LAN nor the Wireless one (Yukon 5038 and Atheros 5007EG). I've been trying with Uphuck 1.4i R3 and with Jas 10.4.8 ppf1+ppf2. The second one was a lot more reliable than Uphuck for this laptop. After installation of Jas 10.4.8, you can go up to 10.4.9 with this method (you can replace the kernel, recommended): http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...c=45283&hl= Don't forget to backup and replace your AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer.kext or you won't be able to boot into the desktop again! Ok, for Audio: you can use Tarugas Patcher 1.16 and the file below (linux codec dump of my ACER ALC883). (All the inputs work and the output only works trough headphones, I've asked Tarugas for help with internal speakers, if you use Skippyretard package for ALC883, select 6 outputs analog and you'll hear audio from the internal speakers but nothing else) For SpeedStep, you can use the ACPICPUThrottle.kext file below (don't have to replace the kernel) For PCMCIA, I'm adding my files for PCIFamily and PCCard too. It's working 100%, I'm writing this message from a wireless D-Link DWL-G650 atheros based (detected as Airport Extreme), working on the Cardbus slot. Hopefully we'll have the answer from Tarugas for 100% supported audio. For the other stuff (onboard LAN and WIRELESS), I think the problem is on the PCI-E not being recognized. For now we can use USB solutions and the PCMCIA/CARDBUS slot. Good Luck! P.S: please repair permissions for every kext you replace with the usual methods!!!!! alc883gb.txt PCMCIA.zip ACPICPUThrottle.kext.zip
  10. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    Question for TARUGA (or anyone willing to help!), First of all, thanks for all of your hard work! AWESOME! My question is concerning ALC883, many users like me (mostly on ACER's), are having problems with configuration of the input/outputs, etc. I've made a linux codec dump and with your 1.16 patcher it work's almost flawessly: mic input, line in input, headphones out but NO internal speakers. If I use the Skippyretard ALC883 package and choose 6 analog outs, the sound comes out from the internal speakers. Can you help me find the way to change the information in my codec dump to make the internal speakers work? With that we'll have a 100% working ALC883 for ACER notebooks! Thanks a lot for your help! I'm including the codec dump from ubuntu, ACER 5570z-2977 with ALC883 (3 ports on the front, SPDIF out). alc883gb.txt
  11. Atheros AR5007EG, Who can help me?

    I've tried your kext, my AR5006 got recognized for the first time (and believe me, i've tried many workarounds with no sucess), but, for some reason, it appears as "airport not configured" and in system preferences/network it shows up as PCI-E Ethernet Controller....weird... Just a report. Oh, by the way, the system is a Toshiba Satellite a135-s4656 and the wifi card is VEN 168C DEV 001c
  12. Hi, I want ot share my experience with an atheros wireless card in my Acer laptop, hopefully it'll work on your sony too, even when the device ID is different. First of all the Atheros vendor ID is 168c. You don't have to change the kexts, you can use the 10.4.8 ones (im using the same dvd). Just open IO80211Family.kext and navigate into plugins/airportatheros5424/info.plist. Under IONameMatch youll find some lines, and the vendor Id is going to be there (168c), anyways if you have to, add a line. Look, just copy the line let's say 4 times... and try different combinations (you can try all of them at once): <string>pci168c,1c</string> <string>pci168c,1C</string> <string>pci168c,001C</string> <string>pci168c,001c</string> After that you'll probably have to do the en0 to en1 trick that is documented everywhere. Hope it works for you.
  13. Acer 3680 wifi

    Hi, I Have the Acer 3680-2574. I'm using 10.4.8 SSE2,3 AMD and INTEL JAS 10.4.8 My wireless Atheros Device ID is 001A and the vendor ID is 168c. You don't have to change the kexts, you can use the 10.4.8 ones. Just open IO80211Family.kext and navigate into plugins/airportatheros5424/info.plist. Under IONameMatch I'll show what I have: <string>pci168c,1a</string> <string>pci168c,1A</string> <string>pci168c,001A</string> <string>pci168c,001a</string> I've added 1A, 1a, 001A and 001a, I know that only one of those lines is working...jajaja but i'm too lazy to try! jajaaja After that you'll have to do the en0 to en1 trick that is documented everywhere. Hope it works for you, I'm using Airport to write this.