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  1. Mac Essentials

    http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...c=7997&st=0 I'm not sure if that's what you're talking about, but there are a lot listed there. Myself, I would have to say Adium and Quicksilver, wouldn't be able to live without either. Oh, and Firefox, other Mac browsers just don't match up IMO.
  2. I was originally using it for quite a while. Then I got bored, and started switching it up every so often. And then I switched it back, and it just makes everything much more Mac-like for some reason, so I like it. And I'm hoping they include a new one in Leopard, if not, I'll probably just use Tiger's a lot of the time.
  3. ppt viewer ?

    You probably want NeoOffice, it's a native port to the Aqua interface of OpenOffice, so you won't need to run it inside an X11 window.
  4. dyld: Library not loaded: /System/Library/Frameworks/WebKit.framework/Versions/A/WebKit Referenced from: /Applications/Adium.app/Contents/MacOS/../Frameworks/Sparkle.framework/Versions/A/Sparkle Reason: image not found Jun 15 18:09:03 Austin crashdump[653]: Adium crashed Jun 15 18:09:03 Austin crashdump[653]: crash report written to: /Users/austin/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/Adium.crash.log That's what it is for Adium, but essentially the same thing for every app that won't open. I was thinking it was any app that uses WebKit in some way shape or form, and that would be why Firefox and Camino open. And after seeing this I'm still thinking it, but does anyone know how to fix it? Alright, awesome. I managed to fix it myself. I downloaded the latest version of WebKit, and showed the contents of WebKit.app, copied WebKit.framework, WebCore.framework, JavaScriptCore.framework, and JavaScriptGlue.framework to /System/Library/Frameworks/ and everything is good again. Thanks a lot for the suggestion of checking the logs or I probably wouldn't have gotten it fixed. This can be closed now.
  5. Nope, nothing backed up, sadly enough.
  6. Ok. I need help here. A lot of help. And I need it as soon as possible. Today, I decided to try out the beta of Safari, it installed, and it never actually ran. It just crashed before it even opened. So there was no point in keeping it, so I ran the included uninstaller and it gave me an error, saying that it did not uninstall properly. I clicked out of it, and tried to run it again. But no, Installer.app won't run. Which was odd. So I tried to open Adium, nothing. Mail, iTunes, NewsFire, Safari, Quicksilver, TextMate, nothing. Dashboard widgets won't even run. Some apps will run though, including Firefox, Camino, Final Cut Studio and Adobe apps. If anyone can help me out I would greatly appreciate it, and then some.
  7. What DON'T you do in OS X?

    Suffer. And that's about all.
  8. OS X 10.4.9 Released

    Has anyone else noticed the volumes levels have gone up greatly. I used to keep system audio at about 3/4 total level. And now I keep it at about 1/8 total level. It's quite bothersome, especially now for instance, when I'm trying to be relatively quiet while others are sleeping, but it's not possible. If anyone knows of a way to get this back to default levels it will be greatly appreciated. EDIT: Core 2 Duo iMac, just to specify.
  9. Haha, I will, just an annoyance that's happened to me before with Apple. They ended up delaying another order three times, making it arrive in February, when it was supposed to be a Christmas gift. That's all I'm worried about happening, but it shouldn't be a problem this time around, I hope. I called customer service earlier today, just to check if they could tell me anything about it. I was told it was being readied for shipping today, and should be shipped before the nineteenth. So we'll see. EDIT: It's shipped!
  10. Ah, I wish I could say the same for my iMac, my shipping has been delayed by a week and is now scheduled to ship on the 19th, ah, the frustration.
  11. YAY, I just ordered myself a 17" with 2GB RAM, 250GB HDD, AppleCare and the 2.16GHz upgrade. Came to $1,776 CAD before taxes with the student discount, and I don't think I could be happier, I've spent all of my summer's earnings, but it will be worth it. Great move on Apple's part. Woo.
  12. Or http://wikipedia.org/wiki/SSE4
  13. Merom, Conroe Shipping

    I also agree with WWDC, I don't think Apple will wait to put these into new Macs because they didn't wait to release Core Duo Macs. Core Duos released on January 5 and Intel Macs announced January 10. So WWDC seems obvious for this announcement. Hopefully they're released not much later either.
  14. Well, I've thought about it some myself, and then I came back and read these posts, and yes, I'll be waiting. I don't need it right at the moment anyways, it'd be nice, but the wait will be worth it. Thanks everyone.
  15. Well, recently, instead of buying a new computer, I said screw it, and decided to wait the extra while for the money, and go for the real thing. Decided on an iMac as I don't need to have a laptop, though it would be nice, it's not really necessary. But when I decided to go for the iMac, something else popped into my mind, thinking I maybe should wait until the Core 2 Duos come out to make my purchase, so I have a few questions, some that can only be speculation really, but it'll be better than nothing. When will the new Conroes and Meroms be released? I'll have the money by around the first of August, so is it possible that Apple may announce this at WWDC? And if not are there any other events scheduled to take place where an announcement is possible? Would the wait of 3-4 months extra be worth it, assuming they'll be released around December? Almost done, if I go with the current 17" iMac, will there be any features that I will not have that will be needed in the near future with Leopard, such as 64-bit? And lastly, what would you do in this situation, go for it, or wait it out? Thanks for all the help.