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  1. Hello all, I don't know if this was mentioned or not on the forum but I want to share my findings. I stumbled across an easy fix for restart/shutdown to work with dual monitors. What I did was I power off the secondary monitor whenever I want to restart or shutdown.
  2. AGPM fails to load? (10.7.3)

    I had the same issue. Apparently it was a formatting issue for me. What I would do is take the original vanilla agpm kext and just change the values that need to changed, don't copy paste. Use kext utility or kext wizard to apply the kext, repair permissions, etc, and reboot. It should work after that.
  3. Hello all, I have prepared usb with lion using Maldon's guide. I installed chameleon and these files on the usb, allegedly specific to this laptop. It boot up nicely but the graphics were shifted to the right and distorted with pink colors (OUCH!!). I posted a picture (taken with phone) of what i'm talking about. It recognizes intel 3000 hd gpu with a bunch of resolutions to select but the screen is distorted and un usable. Any ideas how to fix this? Thanks
  4. Hello all, I am running lion 10.7.3 and I have a Razer Mamba mouse. The mouse works but the two buttons on the side of it for front and back when pressing them gives me the scroll wheel lock on a browser page. Is there any chance to program or get these buttons to work so they do go back and forward as should? Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Hello all, I have previously installed Lion on my system numerous times and everything worked flawlessly. I did recently upgrade my video card to an MSI GTX 560 Ti 2GB video card. I have used Maldon's guide to create a USB bootable drive but it won't even load to the boot screen. Just hangs on the backslash (\) and sits there. Could it be something with my graphics card not letting me do get through? Please help me out get this going.. Thanks
  6. Which guide/method did you use to install Lion on that laptop. I have the exact same model but when I try to install Lion my mouse and keyboard do not work and the graphics are messed up. When I say messed up I mean shifted to the right, snowy effect with a pink tinge. Cannot do nothing. I used Maldon's guide on here but no luck. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  7. Hello all, PC Specs (different than signature because installing on my old PC): MB: Asus P5B-E CPU: Intel Core 2 duo E6600 2.4Ghz GPU: 8800 GTX 768 MB RAM: 2 x 2GB Crucial DDR2-800 I have followed this guide to create a USB flash drive and install Lion. The install finishes without any problems. I boot to the HD using the USB drive without problems, but once I install chameleon (latest version) and add FakeSMC to L/E, repair permissions, and reboot. It loads fine but Finder does not function. If I click on finder all my desktop icons disappear and the task bar disappears. They return within a second and an error comes up saying that Finder quit unexpectedly....and I get two options: Restore Windows or Do not restore windows. I thought that there were some hidden files in the Trash that weren't being removed and may be causing this issue but that did not help. I also created a different User profile to see if the profile was at fault, that didn't help either. What could be causing this? Could the usb flash drive have been created wrong? Please, if someone can shed some light on what this may be I will greatly appreciate it. Thanks
  8. This guide is very straight forward and WORKS!!! I had Lion up and running in ~40 mins. My setup: MB: Asus P6T (vanilla) RAM: 3x2GB Corsair Dominator 1600Mhz CPU: Intel Core i7 920 GPU: Nvidia GTX 280 1GB Once installed I installed Chameleon onto the HD, set Graphics Enabler = yes, and used these sound and network kexts (scroll to the end of post#1). That about does it... Yes that easy, I was impressed. Now to unleash the lion on an SSD and see how it roars. To enable TRIM use this guide.
  9. New SSD - New Installation or Copy?

    Hi blade, I too own an OCZ Vertex 2 120GB SSD. I have a working snow leopard 10.6.6 install running flawlessly on my HD. I am thinking of installing snow leopard onto my ssd. The current firmware installed is 1.25, what firmware do you have installed on yours and what process did you have to do to install snow on your ssd? Was it just like on a normal hd or was there some kind of voodoo involved to get it to work? Please let me know how you got your install to work? Thank you.
  10. Hello all, I have a very interesting problem that I am encountering. First of all, I did have a working snow leopard installation a few years back which I followed Searay's guide for the Asus P6T non-deluxe motherboard. Everything was working wonderful. After a few months I formatted the snow leopard install and installed windows 7 instead. In the past few months I have bought an OCZ VERTEX 2 120GB SSD and installed windows 7 on their, making it my primary boot hd and storing all the bulky stuff on my 1TB hd. I have decided to install snow leopard again onto my 1TB hard drive, so I followed this guide I go to boot from the usb flash drive (boot loader) and I get the backslash rotating for a millisecond and freezing in this position "\" and the cursor blinking underneath it. And that's all it does. I left it for about 30 min and nothing happened. Now the weirder part, I unplugged my hd, ssd, and DVD drive (all SATA) rebooted and the boot loader magically appeared. I own the same system I used before to install snow leopard, the only difference is the ssd. I tried unplugging the ssd and the same backslash and blinking cursor occurs. Once I unplug all sata drives I can load boot loader, etc. What is going here? Any one encounter this? Please if any one can help I would greatly appreciate it.
  11. Greetings Searay, I am writing from retail snow leopard install as we speak. Thanks to your guide and some hair pullin I got this sucker to work. I do have a few questions regarding Video Card. Before install I copied the ATY_inint kext into the EFI flash drive I made. At intial boot (just a few minutes ago) I went to see what About this Mac said. First of all I noticed that processor shows up as 3.3GHz unknown, is there a way to fix that and how? Another thing I noticed is that my video card shows up as the Asus 9600 GT OC with 512 MB of RAM. I own a BFG nVidia gtx 280 1GB, how would I go about changing that? (using osx86 tools?) So I understand this correctly with the EFI boot disk (of which I'm new to), if I find a .kext file, let's say for my IDE drives to show up, can I just copy that kext onto my EFI disk, drag it over the kext utility app and restart and it should work? Thank you VERY much for your time and effort to produce such an awesome guide. EDIT: My sig was out of date, its updated now. EDIT2: Ran Geekbench and got a score of 7899... my goal is to get about 10000
  12. For those with problems with DWL g520

    I greatly apologize for my noob question that will come forth but can someone give me a more detailed guide on how to do the chmod, chown, kextload. I did actually achieve everything up to repair permissions but do not know what to do next because the dwl-g520 does not appear anywhere. Please can someone guide me through the process on how to do this. Thank you for tolerating a newbie question.
  13. Any guidance is appreciated!
  14. Problem in IDE DVD drive

    If I may kindly ask, what distro did you use to make your motherboard install correctly and what chipset drivers did you install? I am having a hard time installing iPC for that motherboard. I am getting this message: panic(cpu 0 caller 0x001A49CB): Unresolved kernel trap (CPU 0, Type 14=page fault), registers: CR0: 0x8001003b, CR2: 0x00000000, CR3: 0x00e46000, CR4: 0x000006e0 EAX: 0x041e3501, EBX: 0x00000001, ECX: 0x00000000, EDX: 0x03aa0100 CR2: 0x00000000, EBP: 0x252fbf88, ESI: 0x00000000, EDI: 0x3aa7e1d EFL: 0x00010206, EIP: 0x0472b67f, CS: 0x00000008, DS: 0x03970010 Backtrace, Format - Frame : Return Address (4 potential args on stack) 0x252fbd58 : 0x128d0d (0x3cc65c 0x?52fbd7c 0x131f95 0x0) 0x252fbd98 : 0x1a49cb (0x3d2a94 0x0 0xe 0x3d22b8) 0x252fbea8 : 0x19b3a4 (0x252fbec0 0x0 0x252fbee8 0x38d1c0) 0x252fbf88 : 0x39a877 (0x3aa5400 0x3e25140 0x8000 0xf0b) 0x252fbfc8 : 0x19b21c (0x3aa7e00 0x0 0x19e0b5 0x3973e84) Backtrace terminated-invalid frame pointer 0x0 Kernel version: Darwin Kernel Version 8.11.1: Wed Oct 10 18:23:28 PDT 2007; root:xnu-792.25.20~1/RELEASE_I386 I am also getting an AppleUSBOHCI OHCI controller will be unloaded error. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.