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  1. Ok, just wanted to detail for anyone searching for the Clique HUE webcam (not to be confused with the Clique HUE HD webcam) my steps to get the system working with Skype. No, Photo Booth and iChat etc are not working -- these applications are still limited to UVC compatible webcams. Hardware Details: Clique HUE webcam (appears in system profiler as USB 20 Camera, Vendor ID: 0x0c45, Product ID: 0x6282) OSX 10.6.4 Skype 2.8.x (assume other apps not dependent on UVC will work, not yet tested) No info.plist hacking required, our device is supported! 1) Remove other webcam drivers from /Library/QuickTime and /Users/<username>/Library/QuickTime (macam, hue drivers, etc) 2) Download and install the Sonix SN9C201/202 driver 3) Move the "Sonix SN9C201 Webcam.component" from /Library/QuickTime to /Users/<username>/Library/QuickTime (reported elsewhere: since 10.6.3, OSX fails to detect webcam drivers in the system-wide Library) 4) Change the video settings to 640x480 @ 60Hz using the "WebCam Monitor" installed with driver (Skype only showed 1/4 of the video screen before changing this) 5) Change the Sound Input to "USB 20 Camera" in System Preferences 6) Fire up Skype and celebrate, you don't yet have to buy a new webcam yet! Although, as noted above, if you want to use other UVC only apps -- you still do :-). Thanks for this thread, it's what sent me down the right path to get the camera working.