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  1. Hey, Can you please , please upload your files ??: DSDT.aml, SMBIOS.plist org.chameleon.Boot.plist the best thing would be , if you could just ZIP your extra folder and upload it ? it would be awesome !!! 10x again
  2. Thanks kynyo. Actually I have already patched the AppleRTC.kext which stopped the CMOS resets. Restarts and shutdowns work as long as I don't sleep my system, with or without evoreboot. I do suspect one of the following: 1. My DSDT. 2. boot loader configurations - org.chameleon.Boot.plist. 3. kexts - missing or unnecessary. 4. SMBIOS.plist 5. BIOS revision. This is why it would really really help me if you could provide me with your setup files: 1. DSDT.aml 2. org.chameleon.Boot.plist 3. All the kexts in your Extra/Extensions and the ones you have added/patched in your S/L/E of 10.8. 4. your SMBIOS.plist file - I don't need the serial number inside it, so you can remove it. I assume this is a bit of a hassle to collect all these and upload them here, but it would really help me to further investigate my issues and hopefully find their causes and eliminate them. Thanks again, and sorry for the hassle. Jonathan
  3. @Kynyo 10x again. I did try what you suggested, I used evoreboot instead Of chameleon's restart fix. And patched the appleRTC with your patch. Unfortunately it did not solve my problem. Actually there is no difference between evoreboot and chameleon's Restart fix. Because we have almost the same system. I'd really appreciate it if you could provide me with your files. Meaning your whole Extra folder and all modified kexts in S/L/E. If this will not work I'll head for the bios flashing. I do have to ask you though. You say that the flashing was done through the BIOS itself ? No windows software required ? No operating system required ? And, How much RAM do you have on your system ?? Thank you guys for your support.
  4. hey there and thanks for the reply. Can you confirm that this method works on ML GM ? Did you try a sleep/wake cycle and then restart/shutdown And had no issues ?? Why do you have to put the rtc.kext in E/E before patching ? I never had a problem patching it in s/l/e (CMOS reset wise). I see you have the same board as I do, which is great But, your bios Is f4c which is the beta bios, I have f2. Can you say How and why did you update it ? Don't you have any issues with it As it is a beta one. 10x Jonathan
  5. Hi, I'm having an issue with mountain lion gm I installed a few days ago that I haven't been able to solve yet and I need every bit of info I can get, since I'm struggling for more than a week and nothing... I installed mountain lion gm following this guide: http://thetecherra.c...rt-to-finish-2/ On my ep45 t board and e8400 cpu I also have 10.7.3 installed on a different hard drive. Both installs have a patched DSDT with HPET, Power button, speed stepping, sound and other fixes. See DSDT file attached. I patched AppleRTC.kext to solve the CMOS reset on Both install - this also enables sleep to work. (if I check all checkboxes on the energy saver system prefs) My 10.7.3 install works pretty well. On the other hand, I'm having difficulties with the 10.8 install with restarts and shutdowns after a sleep/wake Cycle. In order for restart and shutdown to work, I need to remove the restartfix=no key in org.chameleon.Boot.plist. (this is wired because I remembered I had the DSDT fix for that, but no big deal). But it works. The issue is: Every time I sleep my system, then wake it up and then try to restart/shutdown i get a kernel panic or just get a stuck gray screen, there is no informative output such as a problematic kext or a process that was running during the panic time. I tried two builds of chameleon 2.1 installed - 1830 and 2003. Both are the stable releases. I did try running KextUtility to fix permissions but no success. Additional info: On my lion install, I'm using chameleon 2 RC5. And although I don't have a problem restarting after a sleep cycle, I can say that after that sleep/wake, the system feels less stable. I really hope there are other ppl out there with a solution to this, and that Im not he only one this is making me go nuts. Thanks in advance !!!! Extra.zip
  6. Two messages spamming my Console

    I also have these issues, and it drives me nuts as well... About the "buffer allocation size is zero" I too noticed the flash thing and remembered that the flash player is still in beta. I also have this message showing up constantly: [0x0-0x9009].com.apple.Safari: CoreAnimation: rendering error 506 Any enlightenments would be great !
  7. The fact that it happens regardless of the patch does not mean that my problem is not related !!! The source to my problem could be the same, the AppleRTC kext. Does anyone else have the same problem ? Kernel panics with restart/shutdown after system wake ? Thanks In advance. Jonathan
  8. Hi and thanks, I know that the black screen upon wake is a known issue, However the issue that I'm looking into solving is the fact that Once my system goes to sleep and then wake, the following restart/shutdown would kernel panic. The black screen issue was just to add more information cause I thought it might be related. Does any one have an enlightenment on this issue ?? Thanks in advance Jonathan Although it
  9. Hey guys, I need your help, I have LION GM installed with the patch to prevent CMOS reset. After installing the patch there are not more CMOS resets. which is good. But I do have another problem (regardless of the patch) - Every time I sleep my system, then wake it up and then try to restart i get a kernel panic, there is no informative information such as a problematic kext or a process that was running during the panic time. If I don't sleep the system, restart/shutdown works well. I did try running KextUtility to fix permissions but no success. Additional info: 1. After sleep I get a black screen and I have to press Power again to have graphics. 2. Using chameleon 2 RC5 3. mobo - gigabyte EP45T-DS3R. I know that this thread is about CMOS RESETS problem and not SLEEP problems, but I thought it might be related, and if not, maybe someone had this issue fixed and can shed some light on it for me. Thanks in advance, Jonathan
  10. Of course I have the CMOS reset issue But one of my comforts about this issue was the fact that I can use the AppleRTC.kext from 10.6.7 to avoid this issue. With my system coming back from sleep this awkward way, I cannot really use it, even if I don't have the CMOS reset anymore because of the workaround. I must ask though - what do you mean by "re-sleep via per button...." ?? What is this patched binary and where can I get it ? is it just the 10.6.7 appleRTC or something else ? thanks Jonathan
  11. Guys, I just need a quick answer to my problem (if there's one): I know that the main part of this thread is to solve the CMSO checksum error after sleep. However - I have a different behavior between snow leopard and Lion when going to sleep mode. 1. The PC takes 30 seconds or less before it goes into sleep. 2. I wait 3. on SL If I take it out of sleep, usually at this time, the screen would wake up immediately 4. on Lion When I wake the system out of sleep, I get a black (blank) screen, Unless I wait 30 seconds or so after wake, and press the keybaord a few times, the system will go back to sleep and then the screen goes black again I'd really like to know if this is only a problem of my system, or your systems too are behaving the same way. Thanks Jonathan
  12. Jeez Guys, Would someone finally explain/show exactly how to check if c-states are working ? I guess other guys here want to know if they have c-states operating or not, Except for not seeing the cst evaluation error. Someone says voltage, someone says power, but no one says exactly where and what to look for in CPU-i (if there's support for that at all). if there's another method/application - say. if no one knows how to check that, say. just don't say half of the info and then ignore the following questions. Thanks everyone and hope each and every one of you will get to see a day when his installation will have both p-states and c-states operating !! Jonathan
  13. First of all, I must say that from my point of view this is not an argument but an interesting discussion, and now that I cleared that up, I can say this: power is calculated in one of three ways: 1. Power = Voltage x Current 2. Power = Voltage^2 / Resistance 3. Power = Current^2 * Resistance At first look, it seems like if you reduce voltage, power will drop, but no one promises that current stays the same, if load is increased power can be left the same and might even be higher. But that's not the issue, the issue is, that I still don't understand when and what I should see if I have c-states working on my system ? Should I look at the voltages ? should they drop below the lowest p-state voltage - in my settings 1.132v ? or should I look in another place in cpu-i for a real power measurement in milli Watts ? I honestly don't understand what I should look for, So please help me, a screen shot would be really appreciated. Thanks, Jonathan I also don't have CST error when c-states are enabled in bios,see post #125, I can also add that using the dropSSDT=y flag does not change the absence of cst errors on boot. Jonathan
  14. 10x, Well, power and voltage are two really different things, that's why I did not understand that. do you know how much time I have to wait for it to drop ? I guess it just happens when the cpu is really really idle because it takes more time to change c-states. Jonathan
  15. 10x man for the great explanation, I knew some of the details but was not aware to each and every bit in the register. Well, I am an electrical engineer so I will look into intel's data sheets. The thing that scared me the most was the power in mW in each p-state, I don't really want just to experiment with that, I will look in the data sheet and see if something there's helpful. There's just one thing I haven't figured out yet, Master Chief said something about seeing the power value in CPU-i drop to 0.5 and go up to 1.0 if I have c-states working, I just could not find anywhere on CPU-i this information. Where the heck to I see this info ??? and if not that info, how can I see if c-states are changing ? 10x again, Jonathan. P.S - does manual throttling in CPU-i work for anyone ?