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  1. hi 314TeR THX for your answer. Before your Post I changed and tested a lot! In my case older version (like 2.0 or 3.0installer) also don't run in my case! But I try and try and at least I used 4.0DP1 installer but make AppleHDA rollback from [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] (10.6.2 I think) , since I do so system runs without KP. I also get no errors from AppleHDA in "HDD-Tool". With AppleHDA 10.6.7 (incl. Terminal scripts) I get errors, KP and get "Soundclicks" and "Blopps" after Boot! Does it make sense? @314TeR ""Great Support and Work""
  2. fresh install, same problem! use 4.0DP1 install it, make AppleHDA rollback and use command in terminal ( sudo perl -pi -e 's|\x85\x08\xec\x10|\x82\x08\xec\x10|g' /System/Library/Extensions/AppleHDA.kext/Contents/MacOS/AppleHDA sudo touch /System/Library/Extensions) BIOS like in http://forum.osx86.org.pl/topics4/mac-os-x-na-asus-p5w-dh-deluxe-czyli-idealny-hackintosh-vt1132.htm and get KP sometimes when the system boots up! Use different DSDT from BootCD PAck 3.0 final - same problem! with another DSDT I get another KP, see attachment:
  3. so, I test a lot! it makes no different to boot in 32bit. system makes kernel panics in 32 and 64bit. Also sometimes k.panics after getting it back from sleep! is there nobody who can help me a bit? Extra/Kexts: ALC882v34b AsusP5WDHDeluxe FakeSMC HDAEnabler JMicronATA
  4. when the system get a kernel panic - system can't boot up again and again. first time I think firewire is the problem. disable it but no result! When I add arch=i386 the system comes up ! (know i checked up and added i386 to my boot.plist) <-we will see! Wanna use this Board - works like a charme . So
  5. Hi, nice Xmas to everyone! One question I wanna ask. I install 10.6.8 with 4.0DP1 and follow Instructions. ( don't wont to use lion !! ) System works nice, but sometimes (not often) the system gets kernel panic while booting. My system E6600 + 8800GT + P5Wdh del. Must I change anything in the DSDT, because of Processor spek.? After booting there are problems in the codedirect. of AppleHDA. (I use Version 10.6.7 - extract it with PAcifist) see Jpeg below Dont know what todo! Sorry for my bad english!!!!
  6. buschi2626

    Apple Cube als HTPC

    Is it working? Do you need some help? Greetings
  7. Hallo zusammen! Suche jetzt schon sehr lange nach einer Möglichkeit über meinen HTPC Hackintosh das Bild als Composite oder Svideo auszugeben. Möchte damit einen hochwertigen Vorverstärker mit TFT ansteuern, dieser besitzt jedoch nur composite oder Svideo Eingänge! Als HTPC verwende ich das Asrock Conroe 1333-667 mit Onboard GMA 950 GrafikChipsatz(VGA) Grafik funktioniert einwandfrei, ist nur halt nicht kompatibel! HAbe bereits einen PC2TV Konverter probiert diese schleifen das VGA Signal durch und erzeugen ein analoges TV Signal (composite/Svideo) am anderen Ende!Mit mäßigem Erfolg Hackintosh fährt nicht richtig hoch ohne extra VGA Monitor am anderen Ende und die Qualität des erzeugten Signals ist mehr als mies. Habe jetzt diese Apple DVI to TV Kabelpeitsche bestellt und werde diese versuchen mit einer DVI PCIe GFX ans laufen zu bekommen, was wahrscheinlich nicht hinhaut ;-( da diese Adapter wohl nur für alte (G5,G4) Modell gedacht waren und auch nur hier Unterstützung finden. Um jeden Rat oder eine gute Idee wäre ich dankbar!
  8. buschi2626

    D945GCLF2 Snow Leopard

    Hi, I try to install SL on my D945GCLF2! But fail every time after update to 10.6.2. I boot up with chameleon via USB Stick, and install from SL image on second partition! I can boot SL 10.6.1 with Stick, then update to 10.6.2 - after that I want to install Chameleon, but cant boot->message: No Bootable Device! I`m not shure what I´m doing-How can I install Chameleon alright or how can I run my Installation perfectly? Install via MAC over USB-> same result. Can someone give me a little detailed guide, so I can figur out my failure!?!?!?? I try lifterus short guide, but I am not shure with some points I do! THX
  9. Hey, how can I add HDMI and VGA out of my Gf9400GT? Can I edit the DSDT to use Mirroring and so on! When I put a screen to the other ports, screen gets black or the system don't boot up safe. Or is it usefull to add a GFX string via OSX86Tool? I don't want to damge my smooth running system :pirate2: So,which way I go?
  10. Nice ! Extern and intern Mic work! Output test intern Speaker, think the others work like before.! LinIn isn't available! THXTHXTHXTHXTHX
  11. Yeahaaaa! Front Mic is working very well. THX 314TeR
  12. buschi2626

    Apple Cube als HTPC

    @Newchurch: Wie läuft den der Snow Leopard aufm DH deluxe? Bin da grad auch dran, gibt ja noch Probleme mit dem Audio und Firewire, oder hast du da was neues, oder so! Bin da in nem englischen Threat unterwegs und lasse mir dort unter die Arme greifen. Guck doch mal rein! http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...p;#entry1362486
  13. Shure that the E6750 DSDT is still running? In my case, first I must type 314TeR's Terminal instructions set from post 1091. After that ALC....kext and so on runs smooth.
  14. HI! Apple System shows up a PCI FW Interface! On 10.5 its recognized as a firewire port i think!?!?!?!? I uploaded a screenshot from my Systemcontroll: May be it helps! EDIT: Just remember, 314TeR: the codec dump i uploaded in Post #1088 is an old one, ive made it with an old BIOS 27...!?!?!? Do you need a new one with Version 3001? Or isn't it important? System Powermanagement runs like: -manual sleep works nice/super. -automatic sleep, everytime with blowing fans and sometimes it doesn't doze off! BUT every time it wake up safe!!!! THX
  15. Hi 314TeR! I've test it! -everything works, I use E6750 DSDT for my E6600. -Mic rear don't work, front Mic not yet tested.... need cable -FW no work! best greetings and thank you for this gift