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  1. Hello everybody, For about a month I've been trying to get my VAIO (model VGN-N220E) to work with one of the hacks. First I've installed Kalyway 10.5.2 AMD and Intel. It worked just fine, but i couldn't get my resolution working (I'm on GMA 950). I wal also having trouble with Darwin Bootloader as some of you all. Then, I formated my laptop and got back to Windows Vista. Now I have 3 partitions (MBR). 1) Vaio Recovery 2) Vista 3) Leopard I tried iatkos 5i and it worked fine, most of the components out of the box. For the first time I could get my 1280x800 resolution that just transformed my experience in Leopard, and I could watch videos on VLC. The PC-EFI provided nice and simple trible-boot. The only thing that didn't work properly was my Ethernet (Marvel-Yukon2) but it's a simple fix, since I have made a backup of the working kext. But after the first rebooting, my keyboard and trackpad stopped working and my resolution was all messed up. I decided to backup my video kexts for GMA 950 from iatkos and try then on kaly 5.2 and for my surprise..... this is what happened. I formatted the partition of leopard and installed kaly 5.2. After rebooting I was prepared for the blue screen and the "/movevideodrivers fix" but it was simply working flawlessly with kaly gma driver, 1280x800 and able to watch videos, which had never happened before. Everything but the Ethernet and card reader (which I don't use) was working out of the box. The Darwin Bootloader is fine, I can triple-boot without the DVD. For a starter like me, it sounds like some kind of a miracle. Maybe someone could lighten up what happened here and other vaio users should give it a try. lzdls!