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  1. Show Your OS X Desktop!

    Nice one, thanks. Here is another default variation i made in photoshop yesterday when i was trying to copy yours!
  2. Show Your OS X Desktop!

    Hondo, where did that desktop background come from?
  3. Thanks for the extended and informative reply. As an update, I tried option 1, and was able to create a disk image (using Acronis). The problem then was a BSOD every time i tried to resore it to a blank partition. Next im gonna try and do a fresh install on a pre-partitioned drive... Ill keep you posted on whether it works, fingers crossed! ::EDIT:: Okay, so I failed with the fresh install, but i did manage to restore the disk image to a new AF partition on my primary HDD. Turns out that you need to restore the disk image from a different physical HD than the drive you're restoring to... I then installed Acronis OS Selector, and all is well - im dual booting OSX and Win XP!
  4. Hi, first of all thanks to SABR, great guide. I couldnt get it to boot the installer, but no probs in VMware. Now... I created an unformatted partition (12GB) on my main 80gb drive and set it to be used in VM. I ran the installer and partitioned it from there. Installation went okay, all looked good, but it seems that the installer marked my windows partition as AF!! OSX didn't boot, nevermind. The real problem was that neither did windows, since it was flagged as AF, not NTFS. I spent an afternoon trying to fix it, but nothing worked so I went for a clean install, nevermind! This time, i decided to be a little bit more careful! Slapped in an old 15gb HDD as slave and installed through VM to it no problem. If I pull it out and set it as primary master drive, it boots OSX! Success. The only problem I have now is that i'd really like to have the OSX install and the WinXP install on the same HDD (different partitions), and dump the old HDD. As far as I can see, my two options are as follows: 1. Create an image of the working install and restore it to a partition on the 80gb. 2. Install to the 80gb in the same way as when it F###ed my last win install, but this time create the AF partition before starting the installer (rather than in the installer) Sorry for the REALLY long and boring post, but if anyone has tried either of these methods, it would be nice to hear wheather they will work!