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    ATI Radeon HD 2400 pro AGP

    HELP! I'm running 10.5.6 with a Sapphire 2400 AGP, 256 MB. It has device id 0x94c4 and Vendor ATI 0x1002 according to my Mac. It shows as PCI, not AGP. Without kexts it loads fine but limited to 1024x768, and no advanced features etc. I removed ALL ATI kexts, then installed your program, but I get a weird screen upon load then. It is mostly black and white (irregular squares with some color specks mixed in...) and reminds me of one of those stereograms you have to focus to see a hidden 3d object. I've tried cleaning the system for ATI kexts +Natit.kext and reinstalling several times. Any idea why this would occur?????? I tried removing the kexts both from console and in safe mode. I tried to install your app both as my normal user, and as root. Anything else I can do?? I spent $50 on this card (internetshop, so return is difficult), which is a bit annoying as my built in graphics chipset worked the same (no less, no more) than this ati card does. Thanks! EDIT: Some other notes, also removed nvidia kexts that were obvious, and some othe ATI related kexts that did not start with ATI. The card is a 2400 Pro AGP, but note that the manufacturer overclocked it. Don't see why it should matter, but.... I use DVI-VGA converter plug.
  2. tosvus

    iPhone SDK seems to ruin OSX86 install

    hmmm...downloaded the sdk today and every time it starts mounting the dmg, I get the same screen you are getting (but you get it later on in the process, I don't even get to start the actual install...) the only problem with my install that I know of is the graphics card driver (865g, can only use 1024x768) - and possibly that my itunes is slightly outdated, though I don't think that would crash anything that early in the process. ps: is it safe to update itunes? I run the 10.5.6 xxx distribution. EDIT: I now have an ATI2400 pro card that works well with all other apps. Everything except SDK installer seems stable. Hope I find a way around this crashing problem....apparently not graphics card related.... the only other thing I have to do is due to my P4 version, I have to put in a couple of parameters every time I boot (fsb=133000000 and one other one..). Still everything (besides sdk) works like a charm! On a sidenote, installed iTunes latest version as well as some other updates. Except for not helping with the sdk installer problem, everything else works great.
  3. Great initiative, however it does not work on my setup. Dell GX270 w/Soundmax AC'97. It's a 865G motherboard with 8280/ICH5 chips in addition to audio. Vendor 8086, Device 24D5 I think. Install is Leopard XxX 10.5.6 Rev.1 It claims "No Audio Device Found" in Audio window + System Profiler Any help would be greatly appreciated! UPDATE: Found another kext called AppleAC97Audio, and used kext helper to install (google for it to find it). Note that you have to drag in the unzipped folder structure, not the kext.zip file itself that you should also be able to find somewhere else. As others mention, it is really only a partial solution - it allows stereo output from the mic input(!). Other outputs don't work, and obviously not mic either. That said, for me this is enough. (Mostly note to self below, or if someone else have similar experience...) Now the next quest is to get a good graphic solution in place....looks like I'm out of luck on my 865G chipset, after EXTENSIVE searching, so I'll have to look for another card. Since my machine only accepts AGP and I found an installer that supposedly works with ATI 2400Pro AGP cards, that is probably what I'll end up getting.