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  1. Hello, I've read the Boot 123 guides and have ordered a PC with OSX compatible parts. I am buying the retail version 10.5.6. I want to install multiple hard drives for different operating systems. What is the best order for installing? Should I format first drive to guid and install OSX....then how do I prepare the 2nd hard drive for a vista install? Or do I install Vista first? I read on a forum that which ever OS was installed LAST will be the one to control the boot loader...is this true? Most dual boot guides only make reference to partitioning one drive (or use various distros not the retail version)....I would also consider running Windows 7 on a third drive if I could have a boot menu on start up. I don't want any of the installs to mess up the boot 123 for OSX because I'd like to be able to update normally etc. If anyone has done it could they please direct me or link me to the correct information? Thanks
  2. Hi, I was thinking about using the Asus PK5 3 Deluxe Mobo. Has anyone done a successful install of the retail OSx on this board? Is OSX capable of using the full bandwidth of the DDR 3 memory? Any problems or issues i should know about? Thanks, W