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  1. Munky, Thank you for all your info and everyone else on this forum. I am a compleate noob and with all the info on here by you and many others I finally finished my first build. I have everything working (for now at least) Sound (onboard) Graphics (Asus EN9800gt 512 Hybrid) (All resolutions,QE works) Sleep (wakes with mouse click) Shutdown (is working but we'll see) Havent tried Time Machine (cause I really dont use it) but I have the string from Uinstaller installed so it might. I was gonna wait for the New Chameleon but it seems having all the parts I orders stitting around seemed to much for me so I gave it a shot. I will briefly describe how I did it as it was a combination of many ways using Munky's method as a base. It starts off assuming you have already changed AICH in bios and have corectly partisioned your HD First off I am extremely dyslexic so playing around in terminal is very slow and risky as I have to read each entry multiple times to make sure it is right. Luckily for me Nameless2k made a program called epos 1 that automates Munky's set up with minimal terminal use that someone who has never even been on a computer could use. Now epos 1 supports slimbuild iso's so if you have one that works you can boot up run the program and pretty much be set. As for me I could never get Boot 132 to load up so I used Grub. No problem though cause Nameless2k in his infinite wisdom only matched by that of Munky, pcwiz and auzigog added folders for extensions and plists that you can drag and drop whatever kexts you need. I had no problem at all getting this method to work to boot up through the efi partition but I couldn't with any combination kexts get it to give me sound and graphics support. (I am now sure this was my fault for accidentally putting in conflicting kexts, added with the fact I had no boot.plist on the partition) So here was the solution I came up with based completely on auzigogsblog. 1. Boot using grub.iso 2. Install OSX 10.5 Retail, install 10.5.6 update 3. Download from pen drive Epos I, auzigog's UD3P Package and Weaksauce's UD3P package. (They both have different kexts so you can decide which ones you need.) 4. Add the basic kexts to the extentions folder of epos 1 once you unzip everything and follow directions to run it. (if you are not familiar with terminal you can drag the contents to your home folder and when you open up Terminal you simply type <sudo ./epos.sh> enter your password and thats it. 5. Use software update to grab any other updates then restart. 6. Open up pcwiz's Uinstaller from the Auzigog package and follow the instructions from his post. 7. Reboot and all should be working. (note) I say basic kexts because in my set up I am pretty sure I'm using the osx boot.plist as there isnt one in my efi partison so it wont read them but I think they can interfere. Its not 100 percent Vanilla but if an update were to erase anything it would be as simple as running Uinstaller with your already saved kexts to get it back to 100 percent. Also it dosent directly boot into OSX you have to select drive at the darwin prompt screen. (Not sure if you can boot directly into OSX though if you can please let me know as this feature has eluded me. Thank you to everyone on this forum for all the info. If you just use the google search on the forum you can pretty much find out everything. Special thanks to Munky, Nameless2k, Weaksauce, pcwiz and Auzigog. They all have put so much time and effort into making all of this possible for noobs and go out of there way to help so many people that have problems. By the way this is my first post so if it is in the wrong place I apologize also I am a noob so if I stated anything that was incorrect please let me know. My Equipment Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P Motherboard Q6600 2.4 intel quad core (Stock speed with stock cooler and thermal paste) Asus EN9800GT 512 Hybrid (Reads as 8800gt) (Used 8800gt in Uinstaller 9800gtx didnt work) OZC 4gigs 1066 Ram (reads as 800 in system profiler) Corsair 650watt PowerSupply Samsung 500gig internal HD Samsung 22X DVD drive w/Lightscribe Rosewill Tri Fan case