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  1. After using my hacked surface pro for a few weeks, I've decided to sell the tablet. I had hope it would replace my macbook air and iPad, but I could not get used to the 16x9 format and the battery life was too short.
  2. (surfaceosx) I finally got the production drivers from touch-base. Generally, it works pretty well. 2 minor issues that I am having. 1) Right click, what's the best setting to activate the right click. I have the 2 finger tap to activate the right click but it doesn't feel very natural. 2) I have the virtual keyboard showing on text focus. It doesn't always pops up at the right time. And the keyboard is pretty small. What's your experience with various settings and keyboards?
  3. (surfaceosx) I'm having a problem with the wifi driver for edimax 7811un. It works fine at home, however, for work, we have BYOB wifi. I need a user name and password to autheticate. But the edimax 7811un software only has network key. Does anyone know of a way around this?
  4. @Frank P I used the UPDD Console, but do not see the digitizer. I only see the pen option on the drop down (well, the drop down is disabled but I see the arrow). @caleidosCope ​I hear you about just paying for it... The thing with switchresx is that it looks like it's runs a daemon for the HiDPI to work. It just seem to me unnecessary if osx can handle this natively.
  5. (surfaceosx) I installed the stable touch-base trial driver. I'm still waiting for the rest of the group to pay to get the licensed one. The pen works, but I can't seem to get the gestures to work. When I touch the screen with my finger, the cursor moves to the top left corner. Is this something that will get fixed with the licensed version? Or am I doing something wrong? I was able to get the HiDPI working with switchresx, but wanted to find a free solution. I found this article, http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/290097-guide-add-your-custom-retina-hidpi-resolution-for-your-desktop-display/, but when I add the resolution for the 768 HiDPI, it doesn't show on the display preference. Under the display override directory, there was already a file for my display, so I added 00000AAC 00000600 00000001. I also tried 00000AAC 00000600 00000009 00A00000, there was HiDPI at 960x540 that had the trail 8 bytes, so I gave it a try. Any suggestions?
  6. It turned out to be user error. I thought I had installed all the kext, but missed the ACPIBacklight.kext.
  7. (surfaceosx) @caleidosCope - thanks. It didn't seem to work. I managed to use the windows 8 usb key and used command prompt to format the first partition. Then it seemed to work. Odd. I still have the problem with the washed out display. I didn't have the problem when I installed osx onto the surface with the windows partition intact. It only started to happen after I wiped the entire disk. Any suggestions what I can try? I tried to change the platform id (found in one of the post here) and that didn't seem to work.
  8. (surfaceosx) Last night I tried to do a clean install. This time formatting the entire drive and installing just osx. The installation went fine and I was able to boot to 10.9.2. I also installed clover, but I had the washed out screen. So, I changed the dsdt.aml back to V2. Now, it no longer boots. Worst, I can't get the surface to boot from the microsd card or from USB. It always just goes to the clover on SSD. Can I change the dsdt to the one in V3 from the clover screen?
  9. (surfacewin) Thanks all. I reinstalled windows 8 using the same usb key again and I no longer get the activate option under pc settings. Strange, I didn't even need to key in a product key. Hopefully, when I update to 8.1, it remains activated. When I ran the reset, it would not let me reset the device without recreating all partitions. I had trim the windows partition to install OSX. It wiped out the OSX partition. I'm going to test it a few more times to see if it's just something I did.
  10. (surfacewin) I am trying to recover the product key for my surface pro. I purchased it used and it had Win Server 2012 installed on it. The recovery partition was still there. So, I downloaded windows 8.1 from microsoft as a trial and burned a USB key. I copied the install.wim from the recovery partition to the sources directory and reinstalled (reset) using the USB key. Since, I didn't have the original product key, I tried to call microsoft to get the product key. They provided one, but when I tried to activate, I get the message that it's for the wrong version of windows 8. Since, I used what was in the recovery partition, the only thing that I can think of is that the USB key that I used may be tagging a version that I downloaded from microsoft. So, my question is, what is the exact version/type of windows 8 was installed on the original surface and can I find the version (legally) online? Does anyone have just the files on the USB key excluding the sources directory? Thanks.
  11. Thanks. I get nervous when my main rig hits 75*.
  12. How is the volume discount? I'd be interested if it's a good price. BTW, does the touch screen work at all without Touch-Base? My only moves the cursor to the upper left hand corner of the screen. (surfaceosx) What is the CPU temp that people are seeing on their surface pro? I installed the HW sensor and my CPU is in the 50's C at idle. That's seems pretty high. My over clocked hackintosh idles at around 40*C. I just want to make sure I didn't screw anything up.
  13. (surfaceosx) I'm having problems installing mavericks. i can get into the installation and run disk utility. However, when I tried to install osx, i get a message that says I need an internet connection. I don't have my wifi key yet, but even if I get it, how do I install using a usb pen and the wifi key at the same time?
  14. @minimojoman - thanks for the suggestion. I downloaded the drivers from MS and the drivers work. My USB stick still won't boot and it has the wim, which I assume has the product key. Right now, I have the 90 trial version. I managed to get the mavericks USB to boot and I get to clover, but when I try to boot the install partition, it goes half way and then I get the ghost buster symbol. Almost there...
  15. (surface win) Where can I find the USB uefi boot files for SurfacePro1? I created a USB boot disk with Win 8 Enterprise and it works but does not have all the drivers for the Surface Pro. The wifi doesn't work. I tried copying the install.wim file from the recovery partition on the Surface Pro and I get the blue screen of death. I think the uefi doesn't match. I want to dual boot between mavericks and win8. Thanks in advance.