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  1. I used a vanilla install of Mavericks, followed by an update to Yosemite. Not sure what Yosemite Zone is, but I know that third-party helpers sometimes inject their own kexts with plugins that include trackpad/mouse/keyboard kexts, so make sure you don't have any of those in your S/L/E folder.
  2. I just updated to 10.10.2 and lost sound, even after reinstalling my applehda and ioaudiofamily. anyone have any idea why this would happen? reinstalling the audio kexts has consistently worked until now. btw use Ulysse's trackpad kext for awesome trackpadding....it's so awesome with gestures and reliability that I gave him a donation! *edit* I just switched to voodoohda and everything's perfect soundwise...lol should've made this switch a long time ago.
  3. I managed to install 10.10.1 on a Dell XPS 15z by creating a USB installer via the usual methods (copying BaseSystem.dmg), upgrading my current 10.9.5 installation via App Store, then booting into the USB installer...it recognizes that my Mavericks partition is awaiting upgrade right away and installs automatically. I'm using kext-dev-mode=1 to get all my kexts working, but for some reason USB 3.0 does not work. Anyone have any luck on this, or know why USB 3.0 in particular fails? *EDIT* also, I used to be able to boot CD's in UEFI mode on the modded BIOS, but seem to have forgotten how to do it...can anyone refresh me? in BIOS options whenever I turn off legacy booting, my windows install CD just doesn't boot and my computer skips to the next boot option. I can boot in legacy and install windows in legacy, but then I have trouble getting Clover to boot the legacy OS (always says operation system not found).
  4. Anyone try to install 10.10? I get a kernel panic because launchd crashes...not sure what that means.
  5. I'm trying to get 10.10 up and got the installer to load and run, but my installed OS then gets a kernel panic from "launchd" at "kern_exit.c". I'm using the latest Clover with a UEFI + GUID setup, although when I tried with Chameleon + MBR I got the exact same panic. I've tried removing all unnecessary kexts and still get it, so it must be something related to just the OS, since the installer ran fine. @ITRaider, any tips? Thanks in advance!
  6. On 10.9 has anyone else had the problem where they can't repair permissions because "no installer packages were found"? I read one fix was to install the BSD package from the install disk which I did, and while disk utility no longer gives an error message, it also "repairs" permissions in seconds. Therefore, I'm pretty sure it didn't repair anything and that the underlying problem still exists.
  7. That screen means you need a DSDT patch for the HD3000 card, and make sure you do an EDID override to fix other glitches. Check out this thread here, it's a monster but has all the information, DSDT's, patches, and kexts you could possibly need for the XPS 15z. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/257950-guide-dell-xps-15-l502x-early-2011-snow-leopard-install-possibly-l702x-too/
  8. Cypress PS2 Trackpad kext

    this is the best thing to happen to my dell 15z since I started hackintoshing with it! I gave a donation to ulysse for his amazing work, and ironically enough I feel much more inclined to give money for software when it is not required . it is well worth it though, and i'm glad to support someone who does it for the passion!
  9. @youngwake, would you mind posting your extra/clover folders? I still haven't had any luck with my 15z getting past the gray apple + spinning wheel screen, despite trying both your and jkbuha's device properties and a few different config.plists and DSDTs (I use my own SSDT from my ML installation). I suspect there may be something wrong with my installation system though, since I never get the typical lines (like dsmos has arrived) before booting into the gray apple screen. I attached a photo of my screen here (sorry for the bad resolution, although not much is going on: most of it is just mounting my various partitions or drives). Did you guys have to delete any kexts from S/L/E of the installation drive? I deleted the ATI/NVIDIA kexts, but I noticed there was no HD3000/4000 graphics kexts in mine...maybe I have a bad installation image, but maybe this was intentional. Thanks!
  10. @jkbuha, could you explain what was the cause of this reboot issue and how you fixed it? I'm on the same system as you (and using your modded BIOS, thanks for that!) and also experiencing the reboot once the screen comes to gray. Also when using your config.plist I get a blinking cursor and fail to get into the Clover boot menu...would you also know what causes this? My own config.plist works fine, but I'd like to use your version with all its customized goodies. Thanks in advance! *EDIT* out of nowhere I seem to be able to get out of verbose mode (after a little longer than it should take to boot though) into the gray apple logo for the installer screen. like youngwake though, I get a spinning wheel and the installer pretty much freezes there. have you found the solution to this issue, youngwake?
  11. I have a modded BIOS that allows for UEFI booting, courtesy of jkbuha.
  12. Any of you guys have any luck updating to 10.8.5? I get the same old problem of being able to boot only with safe boot...otherwise it hangs around bluetooth (as before, it most likely means the problem is not related to bluetooth). In the past this means an issue with graphics but I deleted all the usual suspects (AMD, NV, Ge, etc.). Anyone have any ideas?
  13. I've recently read that graphic artifacts and glitches may be due to Clover not calculating bus speed correctly in UEFI, which causes instability...there is a field under CPU in config.plist called "busspeedkhz", would anyone know anything about that? Apparently you must manually write in your speed, but on our i7's I read that we use QPI and not FSB anymore... I tried 100,000 as jkbuha had under his EFI but it caused serious audio distortion, so then I put in another slightly lower based on someone else's and it has worked a little better but I'd like to know why this is, considering we don't have FSB. this parameter could be referring to base clock speed though, in which sandy bridge is 100Mhz. another note is that I do have a custom EDID and everything worked fine under MBR and chameleon-booting, so I'm quite sure it has to do with UEFI and clover. also has anyone noticed semi-frequent freezing under UEFI+clover booting? My mouse and sound will still work but everything else will freeze. This all happened once I switched over to UEFI too.
  14. Thanks blaatschaap and timewalker for the dual boot tips. Have any of you noticed artifacts/graphics tearing and freezing when using Clover though? I didn't have these problems on MBR+Chameleon but have noticed that on some bootups, random windows will turn into black and white noise and streaks, and sometimes thin lines go across the screen or appear in and out of videos.
  15. Can anyone provide a few tips on installing Windows 7 with UEFI booting? I can boot the DVD in EFI mode but when I choose a partition on my GPT disk, it insists that the disk is MBR and not GPT, so it won't install. On the flipside when I boot in non-EFI mode, I can install to my GPT disk, but then I can't boot in UEFI mode.