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  1. Hi there i'm looking for offers but ideally a trade for a slightly bigger powerbook. Model Identifier: PowerBook6,8: 12", 80gb HDD, 1.5ghz G4, 1.25gb ram, bluetooth 2.0, GeForce FX Go5200,AirPort Extreme, mini dvi, reads dvd and writes cds, etc.... Other: Original box, cables, cds (panther and tiger upgrade dvds), manuals, shipping documentation. This laptop will also include iwork 08 dvd, mini dvi to rca adapter for tv, mini dvi to vga, mini dvi to dvi and a crumpler bag for the laptop. The laptop is in good condition and has only been in for an apple repair once at bluewater for the optical drive and keyboard to be replaced (have service receipts.). The only downside is a very small amount of pin prick pitting on the right hand rest. Sensible offers please. Thanks, Brad.
  2. Personally i dont think microsoft was bought back from the dead with this deal but they certainly got a good finacial kick from it. But hey cant say i follow this scene.
  3. I think uc is referring to the when steve jobs announced that apple will be forming a temp ms partnership.
  4. Just got back from the apple store with this home made dvd in my drive. What is it and is it worth keeping or returning? Thanks guys i hope this isnt illegal for me to have, lol. Boyblitz (for those interested i posted the manuals) Archive.zip
  5. My bad apple support blog

    Monday is here and they have offered a replacement board .
  6. Hi all just thought i would post my blog on my support experience to date. I don't post on here much i normally just read. I'm really looking for my angel to come along and advise me with my sticky situation. Mondays approaching fast and i expect a call from the store manager about my imac (well i consider it faulty). http://applesupport.blogspot.com/ Thanks (Its to do with, pink keyboard and mouse, buzzing/clicking sounds, bootcamp working on certain logic boards, etc ....)
  7. The Lunatics Are Running The Asylum!

    But your still my little precious okay. precious \ Oh precious btw you can get rid of my account which was made on the 12-July 05 and give Member No.: 358 because i only really glance at the news page. Was fun when all this started and i was on my g4 powerbook and heard rumours of osx86 in the wild on torrents and got scared. I had to see for myself what it was like to run osx86 on a home built pc but dont have that no more so dont really need membership its just more clutter with my name on it on the web. boyblitz for precious forever.
  8. The Lunatics Are Running The Asylum!

    This is brilliant I give a simple opinion on how i think the current site is stunning and in the back of my head i was thinking "i would like to see them try come up with something better". The reason i thought this, was because i design by trade and love to crit. and now look its all spiralled out of control. Shame on us. We must of hurt little precious'es feelings. Its there investment. (ColdFusion i call you little precious cos you look very young and its scary to be in the hands of a kid)
  9. The Lunatics Are Running The Asylum!

    Hello precious little puddings. Are you about 12? anyway dont change the logo and website design. Im used to the way it is and thinks the current site looks -->simply<--(keyword) Stunning.
  10. boot camp now supports vista

    I hate u guys. still no 24 support
  11. Bootcamp 1.2 and 24 inch imac

    At last an update for bootcamp maybe this will work on my 24 inch imac and restore faith? :D:D:D Happy for now Answer is no. What are apple going to do come final, they seem so near guessed deadline and still no bootcamp fix for 50% of 24 inch owners. Are they going to say that come final version of leopard there not going to support bootcamp for 50% of 24 inch owners because they took a chance and got a dud machine. I so badly wanna curse apple right now but i done that on hardmac and got banned by fanboy mods. no
  12. it was boring this year. Was there for 30 mins
  13. Wow the new 1.1.2 still does not work. What a surprise. What more can be done its a beta and we are not given any support. Shame.
  14. InsanelyMac At Mac Expo

    Never any news at a uk macexpo just fun fun fun. thats why i got my ticket
  15. Ok guys install parallels and tell me when u try to boot the os does your screen lock up and tell you to reboot? not only cant i boot windows but i cant emulate it.