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  1. All I can say is; "Whine, Apple Users. Whine." and as Apple free hardware owners are praising their generic components, for what little of them they have actually been able to get working on OSx86. It shall be praised. And as much as I wish my parents would buy me (hoping at the end of the year for my Uni going away present) a Mac, the likelyhood of that happening is almost ZIP and I have plans to upgrade my PC to, currently a AMD Athlon64 4800+ Dual Core CPU. Roughly I am guesstimating by the time that Vista is released/shorly after the release, you should see a huge pricedrop on PC Components. If not, my plan is ruined (LOL). But yeah in the end, all you Apple go aheaders, buyers, etc. And as I have said in my last post about the Thermal Paste in MacBook Pro's that Apple as a Multinational Corporation, should be acting accordingly towards little things such as the Thermal Paste, clueless stuff-ups. Seriously if they are going to base their productline on Hardware, they need to respect their own hardware. Respect yourself before you resepect the man (as a moth fly's blindlessly onto my screen in the pitch darkness that surrounds me, apart from the glowing street-sign hanging on my wall). Peace Out it's 1:43AM and School Awaits in 6.25hrs.
  2. If you are implying that they are using AS5 in Macs, then obviously they aren't up to their standards. Otherwise (and as I am thinking) Apple have found some very cheap paste or a paste that hasn't been tested properly. Probably saved them 0.25c per Intel Mac. Who knows what Apple does to save money, but it was their bad and I believe as a multi-international corporation they should have recalled the stock, little as the problem is to the advanced user. An extreme problem for the guys who are up there just trying to get by with their graphics program. (not sure if they did actually recall these but, from what i've read they haven't and aren't planning to).
  3. Here is my desktop, when i first started using osx86