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  1. Dear All, I have a strange problem my Giga EP35-DS3 based machine. its been running Lion without any problems for over a year but this morning when I switched it on I was presented with boot0: GPT boot0: test boot0: test boot0: done and just a flashing "_" I've tried booting from a ##### boot USB stick (Which boot fine on my other 2 Machines) but get the same message Does anyone have any ideas? Do I have a hard ware problem? I've tried resetting the Bios and tried 2 different install sticks. Thanks Regards Jon
  2. Thanks lemon tree. Changed the graphics card to 5770 now finder & preview working fine! Only problem now is that the screen won't wake from sleep/ Regards Jon
  3. Thanks for the reply ErOSx86 I've now reinstalled for the 10th time and tried all the fixes suggested by lemon tree. I'm not sure what to try next maybe a different graphics card. Does anyone have an extra folder for a EP35-DS3 I can try just incase I've made a mistake? Thanks Regards Jon
  4. Thanks lemon tree I'll give it a go, Driving me mad! Regards Jon
  5. Hi I've followed the install guide to the letter but finder still crashes also I've noticed that preview also crashes. I don't think that its down to the install stick as that worked fine on another machine. Do you think it could be down to the 8800 GTX? Thanks Jon
  6. Thanks for the reply lemon tree. I'll start again
  7. Update Finder works fine in Safe Mode
  8. Dear All, Has anyone else experienced problems with finder crashing all the time? I installed Lion using the well documented USB stick method using my own DSDT.aml. I've tried reinstalling a few times without any joy. Thanks Regards Jon
  9. Jonpage

    [Wanted UK] Hackintosh

    Dear All; I'm looking for a High End Hackintosh. Regards Jon
  10. Update with Leo4All 10.5.2 Automatically installs EFI, installed stock kernal Sound Working Internet working with cheap USB 2 Lan adapter (£2 on ebay) Nvidia card works with NVinstaller V.4 but causes the keyboard and mouse to stop working. I can still use an external mouse and keyboard but its far from ideal Has anyone had any more joy? Regards Jon
  11. Dear All; I have an Acer 5920g I can get sound if I install 10.5.1 iatkos. iatkos will install to MBR partition (I've not had any joy with EFI) with no options selected, when I try to install Nvidia installer V1.9 or NVinstaller V4 the laptop will not boot. Is it possible for for someone who has a working setup (or more working setup) to create an image of the working Hardrive? Thanks Jon
  12. Jonpage

    "Little" boot problem

    Dear All; I’ve been thinking of installing OSX on my 5920g for a while but have been put off by some of the posts does anyone have a stable installation? I’ve tried installing on an external USB hardrive but unfortunately it won’t boot after install, please help Vista in painfully slow on the 5920g Thanks Jon
  13. I would like to first thank SABR for a great guide. I have spent days trying to get OSX to install natively without any joy but had no problems installing onto a clean Drive using the VMWARE approach. My problem is that now I have successfully installed OSX it crashes during the boot up with the following message. My system is AMD 64 3000+ 2 Gig mem Nvida 5700 OSX version JAS 10.4.6 I realise I have to repair permissions and run AMD enabler but I’m not able to do so. I have selected the correct AMD options during boot up. Any help would be appreciated. Regards Jon error.bmp error.bmp