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  1. Itunes crashes on Snow install

    I have the exact same issue if you have found anything let me know. Thanks E
  2. Mac OSX on Acer Aspire Timeline 4810TZ

    Very interesting! I like the fact that you have 2 finger scroll. :-) I don't have that. How did you get it? I am running iATKOS 10.5.7 on a 4810TZ-4508. The things I have working are as follows: USB's Card Reader Keyboard and Trackpad (Tap twice for double click) Sound Mic Headphones Camera GMAX3100 Fix for 4500 native res (VLC sound only) Things I haven't tested HDMI Thing that don't work YET! LAN WiFi For some reason I was not able to get the USB's to work with other Distros and I just tried the 10.6.2 release from Hazard. I got it to install but was unable to get the USB's to work. Oh but if you were wondering it is nice and fast. But not that much faster than 10.5.7. :-) Well if you can give me the secret to two finger scrolling that would be great. Thanks E