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  1. msi cyclone radeon 6850

    Hi, I'm thinking about buying a MSI Cyclone Radeon 6850 and I searched for any post about it with no luck. Does any 6850 work out of the box with Lion or should I stay with a safer choice like Sapphire? Thanks for the help.
  2. Ah, a fellow brazillian Well, the install process is easier than expected. I read a lot of posts of people having issues getting the driver to work, but they probably not lucky migrating from an injector to the official drivers. And having to keep a VLC running on loop would be kinda of annoying, but not a deal breaker. Well, I think I'll just wait a couple of more weeks and see if Lion will really fix it. Thanks for the help.
  3. People, I need some advice. I'm upgrading from my old 8800gs and having a hard time choosing between the gtx 460 or the hd 6850. Where I live they are pretty much evenly priced and from what I've read in benchmarks their performance is very close. Now I'm torn between getting a gtx 460, with cuda and physx support, but apparently pain in the ass to get working 100% in osx or the hd 6850, with no cuda nor physx, but very easy to get running. What do you guys/gals think? Does cuda and physx support actually make a difference in games (win and osx) ?
  4. Thank you thank you thank you thank you Running on a gigabyte 965p-ds3 rev1.0 and so far no more kernel panics. :censored2:
  5. Yup. All 4 orange (as IDE) and 2 purple (as AHCI). Since I only have 4 devices (1 sata dvd and 3 sata hds), I plugged then to the orange ports and disabled the jmicron ports, to make it boot faster. Now my boot time is about 30 seconds Now all that is missing is fixing the shutdown/reboot issue
  6. Finally got all sata ports working, here's how: install trauma23 driver: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...=63305&st=0 repairPermissions before rebooting go to BIOS and switch from AHCI to IDE enjoy And my xbench score pretty much stayed the same Oh, and it only worked for the orange satas. To use the purple ones (jmicron), I had to keep them on AHCI, but at least all of them are functional now.
  7. Trauma23, thanks a lot It also works on a Gigabyte 965P-DS3. Same deal, installed the driver and switched from AHCI to IDE to get all the sata ports working. And my xbench score pretty much stayed the same Thanks again.
  8. Using netkas efi boot and the vanilla kernel you can use official updates. Some people updated to 10.5.1 with no issues, while some are having issues with some kexts, but its a step closer to having an "official" mac
  9. I have a friend with a 965P-DS3 rev 3.0 who's having the same issue For now I've gave up and he's using brazilmac's patched kernel.
  10. Buy just 1gb Seriously now, I'll try to get 2gb with a friend to test here too.
  11. Hmm... All I did was pretty much what I've said before: just installed using a brazilmac patched dvd, altered the postinstall file to prevent it from replacing the vanilla kernel and installed the efi v4 boot file using startupfiletool. Oh, one thing I've forgot to mention is that the boot guide never quite worked for me, so I used a ubuntu live cd (yes, I know, shame on me ), started gparted and noticed that the leopard disk didnt have the boot flag on. So I checked on the boot flag, saved the changes and it booted.Oh, I've forgot to mention that I'm using the AHCI driver for XP that Kiss mentioned, and it works beautifully. Geekbench still shows you as hackintosh because you're using ToH's kernel. You have to use the vanilla kernel for it to identify your machine as a "true" mac.
  12. Just reporting in: (using a rev. 1.0 board) - Installed using a patched dvd following brazilmac's guide (I had some bad experiences with ToH RC2) - Right from the install it detected my IDE hd and jmicron sata ports (running both jmicron and ich8 as AHCI) - Altered the postpatch file to avoid replacing the kernel - Installed netkas efi v4 boot file - Installed alc883 driver for mic support (if you don't need it, output works out of the box) - Started dancing happy like a little girl What isn' t working - Sleep (it never wakes up) - Restart (it shutdowns the system, but never actually reboot) - Two last orange sata ports (still haven't tried messing around the IOATA kext) Overall, the system is fast, and I mean FAST. I don't know if it's just my imagination (probably is), but looks like leopard boots faster with the new efi boot+vanilla kernel...
  13. How many Apps do you have running?

    Always running: - quicksilver - safari - adium - mail - itunes - growltunes - virtuedesktop Right now I also have: - transmission - cocoaMySql - iterm - preview - textmate
  14. Thank you so very much for this driver. My sata harddrive is working flawlessly. My mobo is a msi k8n platinum (nforce 4 sli chipset). Once again, thanks a lot Now all I need, is a driver for my creative live 24bit soundcard, which is pretty much impossible, I know
  15. Windows Genuine Advantage (spit)

    Believe me, it will affect *everybody* in Brazil. I can count with my hand fingers the number of people I know that own a genuine version of Windows. Oh god, i can see it already friends calling me "how can i disable this message?"... But you're right, microsoft is in its right to protect its software. And you're also right: it WILL be cracked