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  1. [HowTo] Mobility X300; QE/CL w/ Widescreen

    Anyone know how to fix it if when OSX is starting it loads omni's drivers then just goes black and does nothing? i have no idea of how i can fix it except to reformat. thanks for any help
  2. just set up dual boot with osx 10.4.5 and XP. did it the easy way, just reformat, make 2 partitions, installed osx on the first and xp on the second, then installed acronis os selector, and now on start up it asks if i want to boot into xp or the unknown os. this is on an inspiron 6000. I have XP working great, just like it should, now time to get osx working. i think i should be able to get everything but widescreen working right.
  3. haha, i figured out what my problem was, is it normal to get like 1280x1224 resolution?