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  1. I figured it out. I had to disable "boot booster" in my bios. Now the wireless works every time.
  2. I'm having the strangest problem. I'm using a BCM94321MC (Apple branded) wireless card in a Asus EEE 900HA laptop. First time I booted it worked as expected (natively). Second boot, the card isn't detected. I boot into windows, and the card is working fine. Boot back into OS X, still no wireless card. I go into the bios, wlan is enabled as it should be. For the heck of it, I disable it, and reenable it. Save settings and exit, and boot into OS X. Wireless works. I reboot... no wireless. It wont work in Leopard again until I go back into the bios and disable/reenable! I've used this exact card with leopard in the past, no problems. And the card works every time in XP. I thought it might have been my bios (im using a dsdt hacked bios). I installed PCEFI v9 w/ dsdt override. I flashed the latest stock bios. OS X still boots and works fine, but the same problem with the wireless card persists. It only works once until I go back into my bios! Has anyone seen this peculiar bug? Any ideas what I should try?
  3. Skitals

    Hacked BIOS EEE PC 900HA

    I just realized I had WLAN disabled in the bios After I already swapped cards back and full reassembled. I don't have the patience to try again right now.
  4. Skitals

    Hacked BIOS EEE PC 900HA

    What broadcom card did you put in? I tried putting in a BCM94321MC and it isn't getting recognized. Apparently the bios only allows certain hardware on the mini-pcie slot so only certain cards work. This BCM94321MC worked fine in my EEE 901. And also, did you have any clearance issues with your broadcom card? there are a lot of surface mount parts underneath the wifi card that are getting in the way. The stock wifi card only has components on the top side. The BCM94321MC has components on both sides, so it wont sit flush with the standoffs. I put electrical tape on the back to avoid a short. I'm going to PM this to you too, incase you dont check this thread. Thanks!
  5. Skitals

    Hacked BIOS EEE PC 900HA

    I'm running 2GB of ram and that modded bios works just fine for me.
  6. Skitals

    Hacked BIOS EEE PC 900HA

    Thank you! I downloaded and flashed using the alt+f2 method, and everything worked. You must have gotten unlucky. There is definitely nothing wrong with the file. I haven't had a chance to test osx completely yet... beyond that it at least now boots after flashing this bios! I've uploaded the bios to mediafire as a mirror: download link
  7. I don't know what happened to my reply, but right after my last post I got it working. I simply changed the system voice from "Vicoria" to "Bruce" in the Speech tab of System Preferences. I've now got temperature monitor working!
  8. The weird thing is I use to run Temp Monitor on this OSX86 machine. But probably not since 10.5.1. So I know it works with the Kalyway 10.5.1 install... now I wonder if it was Kalyway 10.5.3 update or vanilla 10.5.4 update that broke it.Fixed it!On the Speech pane of System Preferences, I changed the system voice from Victoria to Bruce. Temperature Monitor now starts right up.Most weird. The Victoria voice works just fine for everything else...
  9. Thank you very much. Is there any truth to this, from the first post: "The Orange drives are not only uglier, they can give problems with speed and permissions." I'm concerned that even with the correct icons, the drives might behave and perform differently if the OS thinks they are external drives.
  10. I'm trying to run Temperature Monitor, and I am getting the message: The speech synthesizer of this operating system is defective. Temperature Monitor has detected that important parts of the speech output subsystem are severely damaged. This problem will cause programs which are using speech features to crash. Please restore your operating system to a working state before using this application. I tried searching for this message, and it's Temp Monitor specific. I found in the softwares changelog: "Added a feature to detect a common damage of Leopard installations where users have intentionally destroyed the system's speech synthesizer to save storage space" I never intentionally removed the speech synthesizer, and don't know how it would have got damaged. I originally installed using Kalyway 10.5.1, and used the Kalyway updater to 10.5.3. And I installed 10.5.4 from Apple Update. If anyone knows how I can remedy this, it would be much appreciated!
  11. Is there a any way to fix the orange removable drive icons without swapping out the kexts?
  12. If anyone missed it: you no longer need hacked kexts for full AHCI support with ds3l as of 10.5.4. I just spent a lot of time trying to fix my machine after installing the kexts from the first post. I replaced all those drivers back to the originals, turned on AHCI, and it booted right up... 3 sata drives, 2 in RAID. Only problem so far is the removable drive icons. Hopefully I can pop in my other 2GB of ram and that will be fixed as well.
  13. Skitals

    4GB possible on gigabyte ds3l?

    Related question: Im running my DS3L w/o AHCI because I believe only 2 of the 4 sata ports worked with it back when I built this system. Is that fixed? And is there anything I need to install/do before switching on AHCI?
  14. Here it is: http://www.modiphone.net/113-jailbreak-released/
  15. I was on efi v4 before and sleep worked fine. Now with efi v8 (installed w/ kalyway 10.5.1 dvd) and vanilla kernel, sleep isn't working. My system completely shuts down when it goes into sleep. Could this have to do with the reboot/acpi fix also on the kalyway dvd? I don't know anything about that fix. Although it does fix reboot (before the system would not fully shutdown or reboot when using efi w/ vanilla kernel). Now it's fully shutting down when I dont want it to I think there may be a sleep/suspend state setting in my bios. Maybe that could help.