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    OS X on Dell Optiplex SX270

    Hi Alien2xx, Thanks for the info and the files, but like all good information it has raised questions! You mentioned that the only thing you had to fix is the video and if needed I should fix device ID under the plist.info file. 1. how do you use the files to fix the video? 2. how do I know if I need to do anything with the device id? 3. what is QE Cheers Dan
  2. Danbamford

    OS X on Dell Optiplex SX270

    Hi shavex, It does sound like they are fairly similiar. The main difference will probably be prehiperals. The SX270 is one of the little compact machines. I cant find a DVD drive to suit it so I will have to persevere with the cdrom. I am planning to upgrade to 2gb RAM and 3GhZ P4 Processor which is the most the little machine will support. I have tried removing the HDD, putting it in a USB caddy and installing the OS x 10.5 on it from another computer. The install worked but when I start up I just get a black screen with a flashing cursor. I was probably a bit optimistic to think that all I would need to do is the install and then google for bios settings to at least get it to load the OS! When I try to boot with the 10.4 CD I get the same black screen with a flashing cursor. Do I need to "prepare" the HDD to alow it to read the OS X file system that is currently on both the install cd's and on the current install of OS X 10.5 on the HDD? It would be great if we could help each other out on this but I will need to play a bit of catch up first! The biggest problem that I have had with getting information that is usable to me is that as most of the users posting tutorials and advice are fairly experienced with the OSX86 project they talk in terms that I do not yet understand and when I look up the terms I get more that I do not understand! Cheers Dan
  3. Hi everyone, I am new to this concept of running OS X on non macs but am curious all the same. I have a Dell Optiplex SX270, 2.4 Ghz P4, 512 mb RAM running the S06 bios. From what I have read this hardware should be compatable with 10.4. I have a copy of 10.4 over 4 cd's as the computer does not have a dvd drive. When I try to boot from the cd nothing happens. I have read up on this a bit but end up getting a bit confused with the terminology that I am not familiar with. Has anyone out there installed OS X on a Dell Optiplex SX270? can anyone help out with easy to understand steps for an basic IT bloke? I also have a 10.5 dvd that I have tried without success to clne to a USB flash disk to boot. An help would be appreciated as I am sick of Microsoft and would loath to put windows back on the computer. Thanks Dan