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  1. BCM94360cd wifi don't work

    According to this manual, your main board seems to have a pcie X1 slot. Did you try this on?
  2. BCM94360cd wifi don't work

    I changed it from a x16 (electrical x8) slot to a x16 (electrical x4) slot. According to my motherboards manual, this one can also be used for PCI Express x1 add-in cards.
  3. BCM94360cd wifi don't work

    I got mine working now by changing the PCI-e slot.
  4. BCM94360cd wifi don't work

    I have exactly the same problem but no solution either.
  5. Realtek WLAN Client Utility Facelift

    You typically don't want to quit this application, since this also terminated the connection. You can still quit it from the dock menu. BTW: ESC hides it as well.
  6. Realtek WLAN Client Utility Facelift

    I used https://github.com/akahan/Nib-Decompiler to decompile the nib file and xcode to modify the nib. The actual code remained unchanged.
  7. Realtek WLAN Client Utility Facelift

    For Mac OS these WLAN USB sticks are just like wired network interfaces.
  8. I have updated the Realtek WLAN Client Utility aka. Wireless Network Utility (Version 2.0.1). Before: After: Instructions: Backup /Applications/Wireless Network Utility.app/Contents/Resources/English.lproj/MainMenu.nib and replace it with the file in the attached zip. MainMenu.nib.zip
  9. GT610 on 10.7.2

    I have the same card running perfectly on Mountain Lion. All I had to do was to remove GraphicsEnabler=Yes and edit NVDAGF100Hal.kext.
  10. The OS is just fine, but essentially you try to run it on a machine it was not intended to be run on. :mellow: Did you try to this part of the guide? > if you encounter any problem then > this time remove the disk and Press F8 at boot (quickly) and you should have something like this: > type > boot: -legacy and press enter > ... If this does not help, try booting with -v to show where it hangs and post the results.
  11. You have a typo in the command. accordig to the guide, its /usr/misc/script.sh mac You typed an extra blank before script.sh /usr/misc/ script.sh mac
  12. No fix for the slow boot, but I found some nice add-ons: http://pstatemenu.sourceforge.net/ with http://www.osx86.net/downloads.php?do=file&id=793. But I prefer to use a different icon set (http://forum.osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/888-pstatemenu-icons/)