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  1. I am also looking for a fix for the audio. The kext that AppleIIguy posted does not work. I'm running 10.5.7 Voodo and everything except the audio works.
  2. OS X install on GA-EX58-UD3R

    I managed to install 10.5.5 with a iDeneb 1.3 CD. Worked like a charm and I decided to use the iDeneb combo update to 10.5.7 Now when I boot I get this message: jnl: unknown-dev: replay_journal: from: 3483648 to: 5643264 (joffset 0x192000) jnl: unknown-dev: journal replay done. And then the system freezes. I have no idea what this is and couldn't find anything interesting. I've disabled firewire in bios and plugged out all my usb devices, even the keyboard. Bootflags are "busratio=20 -f -v" Any help appreciated!
  3. EBIOS Error During Install DVD Boot

    I managed to boot the DVD and install it to an external drive, since my SATA disks were not recognized. Though when I now boot I get a "Error parsing plist file" error. I managed to boot it normally once, don't know how... but it didn't recognize my keyboard so I need to get an external USB keyboard. Anyone got any suggestions to the error parsing plist error?
  4. HP Pavilion dv8000

    So I managed to boot the iPC 10.5.6 image using an external DVD-drive. But when I enter disk utility my harddrives does not show up, is there any way to fix this or do I have to install on to an external harddrive? If the later, is it possible to transfer the installation at a later time to my internal drive. Perhaps with unix dd? I have an ATI SB400 chipset and it is supported by iPC. As far as I know my harddrives are SATA.
  5. EBIOS Error During Install DVD Boot

    I'll see what I can come up with I'll be back.
  6. EBIOS Error During Install DVD Boot

    I get this error on my HP Pavilion DV8000. I've probably burnt the iso 10 times, with x1 speed but still it doesn't work. The DVD also boots fine on other computers. Now how the {censored} would I solve this? External DVD-drive? Since it's a laptop I can't change my DVD-reader.
  7. HP Pavilion dv8000

    I patched the ISO with the nForce patch but I'm still recieving the waiting for root device error. This is driving me insane! Right now it also just freezes when I enter -v at boottime. Is there not ANY solution to this? Whatever I have tried it has been absolutely useless. Nothing works. I would really appreciate some answers.
  8. I need to patch this with Marvins AMD tool from Tiger. But Tiger doesn't seem to recognize iscsi drives when I mount the leopard.vmdk Is there a way to mount leopard as IDE?
  9. HP Pavilion dv8000

    Hi, I'm totally new to the whole OSX86 technologies, but I would like to install leopard on my HP Pavilion dv8000 I know that the error I'm getting is REALLY common, but I havn't found any solution for it yet. I downloaded iDeneb 10.5.5 and the error I'm recieving is "Still waiting for root device". My specs are: AMD Turion64 Mobile ML-40 2GB RAM ATI Radeon Xpress 200M I have two Fujitsu MHV2080AH 80GB HDD's, one with NTFS and windows installed, and the other one with ext3 with linux. My idea was to install Leopard over the ext3 partition. I tried to disconnect one of the HDDs but then iDeneb froze when I pressed enter after "Press any key to start from CD" -legacy does not work -x neither. in BIOS there is no options to play around with IDE/SATA-drives. Is it time to move on to another release? Any help is much appreciated, n1mda